Saturday, 4 July 2015

Breakfast news

Good morning, it's the weekend! I know I always say this, but it really has been a busy week...

The Boy and I have started a July Whole 30 which means we need to be ultra-organised when it comes to food shopping and cooking. Basically my time is split between the kitchen and the supermarket right now, with some work and sleep in between! I know it will be worth it though, and The Boy very kindly gave me last night off of chef duties and whipped up this truly gorgeous lamb rogan josh from Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed cook book. The recipes are Whole 30 friendly and it's also where I got my recipe for homemade mayonnaise, which changed my life. True story.

Apologies for the slightly poor lighting on this picture. What can I say, it was late, I was hungry and this plate was not going to hang around for long!

If you're curious about what people actually eat when they go Paleo or Whole 30, I've got a few examples from the week.

My first W30 breakfast of July was my classic frittata with roasted vegetables and mackerel. I didn't have any mayonnaise kicking about so added some perfectly ripe and creamy avocado - you have to have a portion of healthy fat at every meal, as well as protein and vegetables. Fruit is an optional extra and I had a few blueberries getting a bit mushy so had them on the side.

On Wednesday I had been due to eat out at lunch but my friend had some car trouble and ditched me so I had to go foraging in Tesco. This can be a challenge and you do have to spend a bit of extra time reading labels to check for added sugar and nasties like carrageenan. I came away with an apple and fennel salad, olives and ham. It was a nice change actually but I missed my usual mix of salad vegetables.

Dinner on Wednesday was a new week night favourite, cod wrapped in prosciutto with cauliflower mash... It looks just like normal mash, doesn't it? It's well worth a try if you're trying to cut down your carb intake. We're not particularly avoiding potatoes, we just love the cauli! To try it simply chop up a head of cauliflower florets and boil them, along with a peeled clove of garlic if you like. Once tender, drain and mash with some olive oil. For extra smoothness I use a hand blender to puree it. 

After a couple of weeks' break, I got back into exercise this week, attending two barre classes at Everybody Pilates in the evenings and also a free one hour personal training session at Sweat Southsea. This was the result!

It was proper hard work, and with no air conditioning in our current heatwave I was sweating. A lot. But I loved it - there is no way I would have pushed myself even a quarter as much without the trainer there. It's an investment, but I'm signing up for 10 sessions with my friend to share the cost, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted on my progress. We're working out first thing, so I just ate a boiled egg before I went and found that sustained me for the hour. Of course I then had a hugeass frittata when I got home!

And just to prove I can scrub up okay and do manage to hold down a job, here's a picture of me on the bus to work. Since we got home from our travels I've been catching the bus to work. It's a 20 minute walk away which is great for steps but also often leaves me feeling like a hot mess by the time I get there!

Talking of hot messes, this time last year we were in steamy, sultry Miami, Florida. Sigh. It was my third visit to the city and I would still go back for more. I know some people find it a bit fake and glitzy, but I just love South Beach and its beautiful pastel Art Deco buildings. There are no big high rises and you can stroll around the streets and neighbourhoods, which are all on a manageable scale.

Classic Miami Beach rollerblader shot. Well, actually we waited ages for him to move and just gave up!

And that brings us back to the present. It's Saturday morning, I've had my eggs, and it's time to face the day. We're going to visit some friends for a picnic later this afternoon, and I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. I also need to fit in some chores and admin, so I better get to it!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll pop back in on Tuesday!

What's your favourite weekend breakfast?

Smoked salmon and eggs will pretty much always feature in mine. Although sweet potato pancakes with homemade jam or maple syrup sound pretty good right now... #whole30problems

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