Monday, 20 July 2015

A balanced diet

So, we're 20 days into the Whole 30 and... I'm just not feeling it this time! My fourth Whole 30 has been really tough. For a start I'm really not feeling any results, in fact my clothes feel tighter! It's not all about weight loss for me at all, but GAIN! Also, I think because I eat this way most of the time anyway, the novelty has completely worn off. I know what foods suit me and which don't, I know which treats are worth the consequences and which aren't... But, I am carrying on, because I'm a stubborn little thing and once I start something, I've got to finish.

I just needed to rant! It's not that I'm not enjoying the food, I generally love it. I just miss my freedom.

I mean, what's not to love?!

And drinking my coffee black is not hard when we have amazing local coffee shops like Southsea Coffee where it's criminal to spoil the amazing coffee by adding milk!

Even eating out really is not that hard - meat and two veg at Murray's Restaurant in The Ship Hotel, Chichester last Sunday.

Maybe my lack of enthusiasm is part of a bigger problem. To be honest, I am generally a bit below par lately, as my Balanced app can testify. My squiggly line has been pretty low down the scale lately.

The Balanced app works by allowing you to choose a number of things you like to do each day, week or month that you know will keep you feeling balanced and happy. Mine include walking, reading and spending time with family. You set a target for each one and then track how well you're doing at keeping balanced. It's free and it is very telling - I feel at my best generally when I'm well above the line on the Life Pulse. Give it a go.

Adjusting to life back at work has been tough, too, especially as I'm in a new role where I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet.

It's all left me a bit drained (this was me Friday evening!), but I'm trying to rally round. Today I walked with a friend and soon I'm going to do some stretching. All things that boost my mood.

We managed to have a pretty balanced weekend, too. It was The Boy's birthday on Friday so we got Whole 30 friendly Turkish takeaway from Nemrut. Quails cooked on the barbecue grill and a hot chilli salad for me. And no cooking, a nice change from constant meal prep!

Saturday was great - a barre class at Sweat to start, some chores and a sunshine saturated lunch.

Followed by a much-needed coffee date with my man. No distractions, just a good talk about life over a cold brew at Home Coffee, Southsea.

We also stocked up the fridge and cupboards. We need a vegetable overflow basket now!

The donut peaches at Lidl are irresistible right now.

Sunday morning early walking also added to the feel good factor. I really am trying here!

I also tried to help my nagging plantar fasciitis by getting some new trainers fitted but the queue was too long at ever popular Alexandra Sports, so I need to go back.

We had a truly relaxing barbecue with friends yesterday afternoon and finished the day with pork belly and Sunday set-up meal prep, plus brilliant Sopranos Series 4.

I'm really hoping to turn a corner this week, but mostly I'm just going to try and be kind to myself.

How do you deal with a low patch? Drown in sorrows or get up and at 'em?

Bit of both!


  1. Love your posts!! Do you know if the Balanced app or something similar is available for Android?

    1. Hi Lucy, lovely to hear from you! I checked and sadly it's only for iOS systems but I found this list of similar apps: