Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Whole again

I know, I know, I keep saying I'm back, but I really am this time - back in England and back to blogging regularly. Now the dust from our backpacks has settled and I have a new laptop it's time to get back to my favourite little creative outlet, and I hope you'll come along for the ride!

For those who are new to this gig, I generally blog about food, particularly the Paleo way of eating. I'll also be reflecting back on our year on the road aka #jandyworldtour, and generally musing about life. The plan at the moment is to blog on a Tuesday evening and a Saturday morning, so adjust your schedules accordingly...

Right now I think I'll give you a quick round up of what's new around here.

I got a haircut and feel like a new woman.

I overdid it on the less healthy food and booze on a recent trip to Greece and my skin is not impressed.

I'm finally getting round to brewing my own kombucha, and I'm hooked! If any of you local kids want a SCOBY, I can totally hook you up.

The Boy has suggested we do a Whole 30 in July, which I know my skin and body will thank me for, so it is ON.

Southsea is at it's absolute finest right now, and I am lapping up the ever-expanding food and beverage scene.

And despite it's troubles, I can confirm Greece is still unfailingly, heartbreakingly beautiful.

So, if you're up for some Paleo/Whole 30 inspiration and travel flashbacks, come back soon. I'm hoping to update the look of the blog soon, too, maybe even change to a different host, but let's take one step at a time... And if you've got some down time, take a look at some of my past posts.

Have a good week, y'all.


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    1. Thanks Keith! It's good to have a place for my food musings to run free.