Sunday, 15 March 2015

Against the grain

Hello there peeps! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and all you UK mums were totally spoiled today. 

Our weekend was very much light and shade over here in Sri Lanka. It poured with rain all day yesterday, but we've been rewarded with brilliant sunshine today. We can't complain (I wouldn't dare!) - a grey day yesterday meant we got some important admin done, leaving us free to head to the beach and witness this scene today:

No filter on that baby! And here's the delicious lunch I enjoyed shortly after...

This leads me nicely on to my next point. What am I eating nowadays? I share a lot of food pictures on Instagram and obviously there's a huge back catalogue on this blog. (Seriously, don't start looking through if you're hungry, I make that mistake too often!). If you follow me, you may or may not have noticed a distinct lack of grains recently. Trust me, this is no mean feat in Asia. 

Those who know me well or who've followed my blog over the past few years will be aware I've dabbled in Paleo for prolonged periods. It's becoming more and more mainstream now, but for those who've not heard of it, eating Paleo means cutting out all grains (like wheat, corn, oats, rice, barley, quinoa), legumes (beans, pulses and peas), processed foods and refined sugars. I know, sounds awful, right? Trust me, it isn't. What you do eat are absolutely tonnes of vegetables, fruit, nuts and other healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil plus meat, eggs and fish. To be honest, I thrived on it. 

However, Paleo has been tough to sustain for a number of reasons. While I was still in the UK, when I reached a more stressful period in my life, it lead to some disordered eating patterns for me. I've been a binge eater in the past and spent most of my late teens and twenties on a diet. Having a list of 'no' foods started to lead to me craving them, and then over eating them when I 'gave in'. Luckily I've never gone down the bulimic path, but bingeing is no fun either, trust me. So, I decided that in the stressful lead up to us coming away travelling I needed to loosen the reins and leave Paleo on the back burner in order to preserve my sanity. 

On the road I've done my best to try and stay healthy and stick to my favourite Paleo principles, but when you're on a very tight budget and the free breakfast in the hostel is porridge or toast and jam, you either go hungry or bite it. But it really didn't make me feel good. I didn't feel like myself - my skin was lacklustre, I lacked energy... I tried my best to make good choices for myself, but often still compromised due to costs or there being no other option. 

In Asia I've reached my limit. I want to go home in April feeling GOOD. So, despite having recently travelled through countries where every meal is based around noodles, rice or bread (actually, that's pretty much global!) I'm back to eating what makes me feel great. And it still really does. It's also meant I've had the energy to step up my exercise quota and I generally feel far more positive. Cutting out booze for the past five weeks has probably helped, too!

haven't binged since October, and it's only happened twice on this whole trip, actually. I really hope it means I've finally found some balance with this eating thing, although I never say never. It's a journey. 

I still have some treats, like a delicious lassi yoghurt drink and some homemade jam, which seems to keep me happy and sane. So, if you're wondering why things have changed again in the food department, it's because I'm being true to what suits my body. 

We're all different, so I'd never suggest you should eat this way too, but if you are curious about the Paleo diet I highly recommend the resources listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. You can also find me on Instagram pretty much constantly under jodeapakos. What can I say, I'm addicted!

Have a happy, healthy week darlings x

- Whole 30 website
- Eat the Yolks written by Liz Wolfe 
- Nom Nom Paleo blog
- Balanced Bites podcast by Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe


  1. Hi Jodea,
    Thanks for this informative article and insight on Paleo Diet. I lost extra pounds using some tips I got from among other informative websites on Paleo diet. I agree with you that this diet is quite challenging and expensive to me. With your post, I got more inspirations that are helpful. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment! I hope you're still getting on well with the diet.