Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pretty as a picture

Hello my lovelies! I've not checked in for a while but I've had a little bit of inspiration and a chance to slow down a bit. 

We're currently in Prachuap Khiri Khan, a sleepy little seaside town close to the Myanmar border in Southern Thailand. We are very much on the home straight now, with less than eight weeks until we head home and ten months on the road behind us. 

What I want to talk about today is perception and reality. I'll be a bit more specific - what you see on social media and what actually lies behind it. I've always been one for keeping it real as my nearest and dearest know, but of course when I post pictures on the road, it tends to be of all the fabulous bits, the highlights, the reasons we are out here doing it. And that's what most people do: the #selfie when you're feeling hot, your glamorous holiday, cocktail hour... Of course we want to share the best of times, but sometimes it all feels a bit like a competition. 


On the other hand, I certainly don't want to start griping about our trip all the time and posting photos of every person who tries to rip us off, every toilet cubicle I walk straight back out of and every craphole mouldy bathroom we get stuck with. I'm sure I'd start losing followers pretty quickly if that was the case!

I suppose we need some balance. I've been working through a lot of long-dormant issues on this trip, particularly body image and self-love. Every image of perfection I see on Instagram seems to chip away at a tiny bit of my self esteem. The images that really make me happy are the ones that celebrate the everyday joys of life - a Spring flower blooming, a dog playing, a frothy coffee break...


Know that when I'm posting pictures of exotic locales it's not about showing you my 'perfect' travelling life, it's about sharing my experiences with you. I'm out here, feeling real, having good days and bad, feeling vulnerable and vibrant, just like you. 


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