Monday, 11 November 2013

You snooze you lose

Phew, it's only Monday and I already feel exhausted! I'm still not quite over this cold thing, which was proved on Saturday afternoon. I had planned to blog, but instead fell asleep for three hours! I clearly needed it! So, here I am a couple of days late and still feeling sleepy. Maybe it's just winter in general.


I was also a bit of a bad blogger last week as I didn't take many pictures, and the ones I did take are pretty random!

I made it to Real Military Fitness both nights last week. It was good to be back. One evening we were running around this little lake. The swans look so surreal and dream-like gliding through the night. Stunning.

On Friday night we went to fireworks at Paul's yard. It's not often you see a digger being used to stoke a bonfire! It was good fun and I enjoyed burgers, hotdogs and red wine by the fire with friends and family. Very good times and a lovely, relaxing end to a heavy, tiring week at work.

After a rainy and snoozy Saturday, Sunday morning was all about walks in the sunshine and brunch at Southsea Coffee Co. I tried their tostada con tomates for the first time. Lush! Crusty, crispy bread and tomatoes steeped in olive oil with a hint of salt. So simple and so effective.

We also checked out Iceland. I didn't buy this cheesecake but one day, I will.

Later, I scoped out John Lewis while waiting to meet my friend Alex for a walk and hot chocolate along the seafront. I sent this colour combo idea to Rachael for her bathroom.

After having walked 9 miles all in all, I needed a tea time snack back home. One half margarine and honey and the other the last of the homemade jam and almond butter on toasted ciabbatta. Crunch.

And we finally tried Bubble Bobble Prawns from Iceland as a pre-dinner snack. Yum!

Andy had requested a change from roast chicken, so I obliged and cooked up a topside beef joint. Rare if you please. The parsnips and sweet potatoes tasted divine after roasting in with the beef. Asparagus and cavolo nero complemented perfectly. What a dinner. Smothered in horseradish sauce.

Leftovers for tonight's curry.

And a shared slice of coffee and walnut cake from Casa de Castro while I read Gone Girl. Loving it.

I'll try to be a better blogger this week.

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