Friday, 15 November 2013

Just pack up and go

Morning peeps. It's a crisp sunny day here and I'm ready to go. Go on a weekend mini break that is! Very exciting. It's my friend Rachael's big 3-0 and a group of girls are off to celebrate in...

I've never been so it's a real adventure. I've had to pack like a ninja as it's hand luggage only, but luckily I have experience of travelling light (three months around the world with a hand luggage size backpack in 2010). Here's my case:

We're there for two days and two nights. I've gone for layers - dresses with boots in the day and a dress for tonight and a top and skinny jeans tomorrow night. One pair of heels. Done. I'll be wearing my boots and coat on the plane. All good.

So, apart from jet-setting, what else is new? I've been out walking or RMFing every evening in the dark and cold. How cool is this street name? On my travels I stroked a pug and saw a teeny weeny mouse on the beach, too. Too cute!

Yesterday Rach and I had lunch with our friend Kerry and her adorable little girl, Anya. More cuteness. I went crazy and had a small glass of Pinot. It was my Friday, after all.

We dined at Prezzo, and it was very nice. I often go for a couple of starters or a starter and a side for lunch rather than a big meal. I had the king prawns in a tomato and chilli sauce and winter greens on the side. It was all really good, fresh and tasty and just the right portion for lunch. The prawns were huge and juicy.
I really like Prezzo - lots of choice and nice, quality food. The service was a bit slow but we survived.

It was a busy deadline day at work. I was tempted by sweeties. I even got one and put it on my desk, just to tell myself I could have it if I wanted. You know what? I didn't. I ended up throwing it in the bin.

"I just can't quit you."
But there have been a few days lately where I've given in. It's okay. It's all part of allowing myself to have what I want. At first I've been a bit over-excited and eaten lots of treats, but I know I'll calm down once my li'l ole brain accepts I can have what I fancy and I don't have to eat all the treats now in case they're taken away again!
This morning has been nice and leisurely. A bit of reading Gone Girl. Addicted!
I had some porridge made from ground almonds and Rude Health almond milk (no nasties like Carageenan in it) with banana and almond butter. That's right, the triple nut. It was a bit runny when I got it out of the microwave but I left it for 5 minutes and it thickened up nicely. Check the recipe page for how to make it.

I also made a sausage and kale and veggie frittata to take on the train to the airport. Mainly to use up leftovers and also save some dough for cocktails.

And finally, a little thought for the day and weekend ahead...
As I was on my walk lastnight, I thought about the Burton snowboarding jacket I was wearing. I realised I've had it for 15 years! It cost £130 at the time, which seemed like a hell of a lot. I don't think I've owned another piece of clothing that long.
I bought it in France. I was 19 and my boyfriend at the time and I set off to live in a ski resort for 6 months - Serre Chevalier. We didn't know anyone there, where we were going to stay... We just got on a train in Calais and woke up in the Alps.
When I get a bit scared or worried or anxious, I'm going to make sure I think about that 19 year old.
What would your 19 year old self say to you, now? Mine would say, "Quit your worrying - just pack up and go!"

Happy weekend!

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