Monday, 25 November 2013

Called to the barre

Hello there, dears. I'm hobbling a little right now after a hard weekend. No, not another one on the drink like last weekend.
This weekend I tried Barre 3 for the first time and, goodness, it worked me like a mother! Getting downstairs is a battle! I read about it on Jenna's blog, Eat Live Run. Real Military Fitness is only running one class a week in December and I'm staying at my mum's for the rest of this week. Plus I'm getting a bit bored of Jillian Michaels, so fancied a new challenge.
Barre 3 is a mix of ballet, yoga and Pilates. It costs $15 a month to access the online videos and I'd say it's well worth it from what I've seen so far. I did a 30 minute workout Saturday and 60 minutes Sunday and look forward to doing it again... when I can walk unaided!
So, before the pain, here's how Friday was looking.
Fresh roses (£2 from Lidl!), red wine and candlelight after a walk along the beach with Andy to wind down the working week. Pretty sweet.
Andy picked up this VERY indulgent chocolate and almond bar at Lidl. I tried a smidge or two.

Saturday morning and the sun was shining and I spotted these little beauties on my morning stroll. All was right with the world, particularly as I had some excellent tunes going on the iPod. Sometimes I like a silent walk, but sometimes I just need to rock out! It definitely makes me pick up my walking pace, too. I got rather warm in my woolly hat. Phew!

Carl Christian Cakes has got his winter thang on. Doesn't this make you want a winter wedding?

This WHOLE house is made of gingerbread and other totally edible goodies. I can't stand it.

The rest of Saturday was spent painting the bathroom after getting a fringe trim. Andy and I both HATE decorating but I'd had the can of paint sitting waiting around for a year since we reached decorating burnout after I first moved in. And it looked really good in the end, after the initial "Oh my God, why did we ever start this" moment. We need to do the lobby and another coat, but we broke the back of it.
Our reward came on Sunday. Our new fave treat is food and drink at Southsea Coffee Co. on a Sunday. I had mashed canellini beans with garlic on toasted sourdough with winter slaw. Oh yes. And a really good lemony Nicaraguan coffee. Their coffee is so smooth I happily drink it black.

Andy wanted to show off his sandwich, too. Posh ham and cheese.

And I nibbled on this oat and choclolate cookie and enjoyed an orange soy hot chocolate for "dessert".

I've been trying to stick to the everything in moderation and no diet regime lately, but can't seem to get a grip on it. Today after a stressy start at work I succumbed to sweets and peanut M&Ms.
I feel myself putting on a few pounds and don't feel good about it. But I sooooo don't want to get back into the dieting cycle. I just have to figure this out and accept I may get a bit uncomfortable to start with. Like a lot of things in life I suppose!
I've got lots of fun stuff lined up this week - a radio show recording, a charity event and a gig plus looking after three dogs and a parrot. Soooo, wish me luck and I'll check back in at the weekend.

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