Friday, 11 October 2013

The next chapter

I'm back! It's been about a month and I'm feeling refreshed after a week off of work and some time off from the blog.

Autumn is getting into full swing here in the sunny South of England. I've had a bit of a sort out in the house and I feel ready to face the new season, a year older. Yes, it was my birthday on Wednesday, which was lovely, and I've still got a celebration to look forward to tomorrow night. A good week and a good time to get back to blogging I feel.

I've decided to focus less on each meal from now on, and instead have a bit more 'lifestyle' stuff, so, what I've been up to, the house etc. I'd also like to talk more about stuff going on in my local area - there are so many great cafes and restaurants I'd like to tell you about. And, I'm going to be getting in to some serious planning and saving for a trip around the world next year with Andy... More about that to come.

For now, I thought I'd do a little round up of what I've been up to and loving lately. I'll aim to post two or three times a week from now on. Once at the weekend and a couple of times in the week - probably Wednesdays... It's good to be back and I hope you think so too!

Loving lately

The roses in Southsea Rose Garden having their late bloom. Simply stunning in the Autumn sunshine this morning.

A week off of work! I've done a lot of walking and pottering about and generally chilling out. Even the butcher remarked that I looked refreshed this morning! Here's a very yummy soya hot chocolate I enjoyed in The Garage Lounge in Albert Road yesterday while out and about, busy doing nothing. Love it!

Still obsessed with this little marvel, my Fitbit. I did a personal record of 38,000 steps yesterday. That's about 16 miles! A couple of walks around town followed by Real Military Fitness made it happen by accident. I've set the bar high for myself now! Gulp. I also love the fact that I can link my Fitbit to My Fitness Pal and it tells me how many extra calories I have to spend on cake. Winner.

Mixing up my breakfasts, and food in general. Yes, I still love my frittatas, and I still eat mainly Paleo and Whole 30-style. However, I found being too strict with it was leading me back to my old binge behaviour, and that's no good. So, I've loosened up and reintroduced some old favourites, particularly at breakfast. Hello porridge with banana, homemade jam and nut butter. I missed you! This morning I served it in the sunflower seed butter jar so I could get every last scrap out of that baby. No judgement!
And these? Well, gosh darn it, these are just DIVINE. Sweet potato pancakes enjoyed before work one morning. My car sharer couldn't believe I make ish like this on a busy weekday morning, but this stuff is a priority for me! Want to try it? Zip over the the recipe page, which I'll be adding more to.
Spending time with old friends. No explanation necessary. And if we're dressed as cowboys? Well, even better!

Animal print clothing and accessories. If loving duck print is wrong, I don't wanna be right. A birthday gift that will keep on giving. I got so many wonderful presents. I'm a very lucky and spoiled girl.
That's all for now, but much more to come very soon. Leave a comment and say hello, I'd love to hear from you!

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