Thursday, 31 October 2013

Out of the loop

Hey folks. Well, this week has been a bit of a write-off as that cold just got worse and worse. *Sigh*. This was my view for 90% of Monday:

I ached all over and felt like crap. Tuesday I decided to work from home... still felt the same. Repeated on Wednesday... no better. Gave up and went into the office today as I was going stir crazy and starting to eat everything in the cupboards... Still the same!
I am beyond frustrated. Trying to rest, but missing exercise and healthy eating and just being normal! Bah! Sorry, self-pitying rant over. But, really?! Check my steps for Monday:

It's not all been doom and gloom, though. I've had my birthday slippers from my Aunty to keep me company:

I've dreamt about our round the world trip next year:

And my beautiful Christmas cactus has sprung into life for another season:

There have been some foodie delights, too. On Sunday night I made homemade steak mince burgers and topped them with Wensleydale blue cheese and Eat 17 bacon jam. Hello! Veggie "fries" and homemade guacamole sealed the deal.
On Monday Andy kindly took over kitchen duties and whipped up this Jamie Oliver recipe - cod wrapped in bacon served with cavolo nero and asparagus. Love cavolo nero season! This dinner was salty, tangy and fresh and made me very happy after a long, long day on the sofa.

I'm off to rest (sooooo bored of resting) and try and get ready for the weekend so I can enjoy, among other things, breakfast at Southsea Coffee, seeing my family, shopping in Space NK, a Chinese birthday buffet and general being me again. Wish me luck!

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