Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Flower power

Hi darlings. I meant to blog again a little sooner, but birthday celebrations at the weekend crashed that, and a good few days afterwards... We're just about over all that now, though, and it's time to stop being a spoilt princess and come back down to earth a week after I turned, officially, mid-30s.

Don't worry though, it's all good in the age department. I'm of the opinion that life is way too short to be phased by getting older. I love my thirties far far more than I ever liked my twenties. Although the after-effects of Saturday night are proof I don't seem to be getting that much wiser... I digress.

Let's take a look at a few things that sum up life around here since I last checked in.

I don't think this needs any explanation. THE perfect Autumn wedding cake? Just beautiful and available to view on my regular seaside walk at Carl Christian Cakes along with an assortment of Halloween themed cakes.
These babies made another appearance on Saturday morning. Make them now people.

Saturday set-up - making lunch and crock pot lamb stew all at once to leave more time for partying later and recovery on Sunday. And to ensure the tummy gets lined!

This lamb was divine. Browned it off before chucking in the slow cooker to make this recipe.

Back in the office this week, it was my duty as birthday girl to provide treats. Enter retro chocolate bars and Haribo, artfully arranged by a colleague.

Three of my favourite condiments this week:
  1. Homemade tomato and chilli chutney given to me by a friend. I've been having this with raw carrot as an after work snack. It's nearly run out!
  2. Homemade berry jam from the same wonderful friend - amazing! Been having it with my porridge and sweet potato pancakes and Andy enjoyed it with nuts and yoghurt.
  3. Bacon Jam by Eat 17 - erm, no explanation necessary surely? Tried it lastnight and we were both blown away.
The Bacon Jam was part of a Flavourly box I ordered. They usually cost £15 a month for a box but a colleague gave me a voucher so I could try one for £5. Worth every penny, and I would gladly spend £15 on the monthly scheme if we weren't saving every penny at the moment.
The idea is they send you a selection of gourmet treats from small companies that you might not otherwise get an opportunity to try. We loved it. Our box included popcorn, a Thai meal kit which we enjoyed tonight, the Bacon Jam, salad dressing and lots more - nine items in total, all in interesting flavours and all very much to our taste. Give it a go if it's your bag. You can cancel any time, but I bet you won't!

After all that experimentation, an old favourite appeared this morning. Vegetable frittata was what the doctor ordered for my cold which has started up this week. Veggies for breakfast surely have to mean health is on it's way?
My new pet (cushion)! A birthday treat that I just adore and will be my surrogate until I become a real adult and get a real dog.
And look at this! Possibly the fanciest lunch bag ever by Joules? Another lovely present. I am so, so spoiled.

And this bedding just makes me want to dive in and never leave. My brother gave me a Cath Kidston voucher for my birthday and I'd been coveting some pretty floral bedlinen for, like, millennia. £80 reduced to £50 at their outlet store. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...
Now it's time to get chilly outside. A quick walk before I snuggle down for the night and Andy goes off to a gig. I was meant to go too, but just don't feel up to it with my cold. Bah!
Happy Wednesday!
What new foods have you discovered lately?

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