Monday, 2 September 2013

Wild wood

Greetings to you all on this sunny September evening. I love Autumn, but am also loving the fact that Summer clearly isn't done with us yet after a gorgeous hot day today. And all the better as I had the day off of work! Yep, we got back from the End of the Road festival in Dorset today. It was such a nice weekend, a world away from reality and full of good food and drink and general R&R.

I took my first homegrown Chinese orchid blooming as a sign of a good weekend ahead. My baby!

Thursday breakfast was leftover roast chicken with roast veggies.

After the stresses of earlier in the week, I had a nice, quiet day in the office finishing off some bits and pieces and getting organised for the following week. More chicken for lunch and a walk to the shops broke up the afternoon.

And then it was straight to Andy's Mum and Dad's to pick up our home for the weekend. Ready for the tour? Here's the bar/dining/sitting room...

...the kitchen...

...the bedroom...

...and the sun terrace. Ah-mazing. I loved our little mobile home! Not only did Andy's parents lend us their pride and joy for the weekend, they also fed us some gorgeous barbecue salmon with lots of tasty salads plus a cherry and almond pie for pudding. So spoiled.

And thus began a weekend of indulgence! Thursday night we had a couple of ciders and watched a band when we arrived. Friday morning it was time to test out the kitchen and make sausage and scrambled egg for breakfast. Sausages from a butcher close to Andy's parent's place.

The sun was shining and we headed off to explore the festival site in the daylight. I was drawn in by a falafel and hummus pitta for lunch - a festival classic. It was very tasty actually.

The drink of the weekend was definitely Stowford Press cider, closely followed by rum and ginger. Mmm... Check out this sign. Like.

I obviously got carried away and forgot to snap Friday night's dinner - I had plaice goujons with mushy minted peas and chips. A very traditional Friday night dinner! It started to drizzle while we watched the main act, so I headed to the wagon early to retire. It's so cosy I was more than happy to do so. Saturday morning called for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Glamping, my friends, glamping.

We'd spotted a Slovakian food stall I was eager to try for lunch. I enjoyed this red cabbage and ricotta pie.

We decided to explore the site a little more and headed for the woods. The trees were strewn with fairy lights and it was really pretty. We came across this piano which lights up the big letters pictured below.

We also came across this phone box and found the postcard we'd sent from Sweden, as instructed by the festival organisers when we got our tickets.

Of course, all this exploring makes a girl hungry and I had my eye on one thing and one thing only. Sticky apricot cake. Andy had had it the day before and I'd had a little taste. I needed my own. Gooey, chewy but light and full of juicy apricots with a layer of dark chocolate on top. I savoured it.

After chilling back at the van we went out for dinner later on. Andy is modelling a burrito identical to the pulled pork one I had. They were okay but I've had better.

Breakfast made up for the burrito disappointment on Sunday morning. More sausages and fried eggs and lots of tea.

I spent a good few hours in the morning hanging by the van and reading while Andy went for a run. It was so relaxing - no phone, no email, no schedule.
Later we headed to the site and I grabbed some chicken soup, which was really good and brothy.

We also shared an order of potatoes that had cooked in the rotisserie chicken juices. Yum.

And drank more cider of course. I also had a divine peanut butter and choc chip ice cream made with sheeps milk in the afternoon. Oh, and a vegan flapjack. You have to keep your strength up in the great outdoors!
When we went back to change for the evening we shared a mini bottle of Prosecco to toast our last evening.

I'd been eyeing up this paella for dinner all weekend. It was worth the wait.

This morning we finished up the supplies for breakfast, packed up and hit the road in the sunshine.

And it was back to normal for lunch at home with a mackerel salad. I did some chores and finished my book sitting in the garden. I wanted to make the most of the day off and the sunshine.

Back to clean eats for dinner with Iowa Girl's chicken, mango and avocado salad.

A walk in the beautiful balmy evening and a hello to you lovely people.
The festival was more Andy's thing in terms of the bands. We saw Sigur Ros and Belle and Sebastian and a new band I hadn't heard called Public Service Broadcasting who we all really liked, plus loads more. I could take or leave most of the music but it was a really nice, chilled event. And the toilets didn't make me want to run out screaming. Win. I also attended a creative writing workshop on the Friday which was fun. A dreamy weekend in the woods...
Been to any festivals this year?

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