Monday, 9 September 2013

Man down

Evening peeps. Sorry for being quiet over the weekend, I've been busy eatin' and relaxin'. You know me. Oh, and drinkin' and dancin'. However, it seems my dancing days are on hold for now as I've managed to really hurt my foot today! The top and side of my foot started to throb after I went for a walk at lunch today. I think it may have been my shoes - they're not the most comfy to walk in, but they've always been okay before... Anyway, I'm literally hobbling around so no evening walk for me. Boo.

And I need all the exercise I can get because, it's official, I've gained half a stone over the summer. Yep, gotta face facts, I had fun but now the party really must end! It's my birthday a month today and I want to feel fit and ready for 34. That said, I made the most of having a last hurrah this weekend!

Let's rewind to Wednesday night first in the world of Jodea's eats. Who can resist a grilled rib eye with Greek salad to get you over the hump?

Thursday saw the cheeky addition of some spinach to my breakfast veggie frittata. And very welcome it was, too. Gotta get your greens, lovelies.

The weather was scorchio, we're talking proper sunburn territory, so Rach and I took lunch outside and I enjoyed my juicy, fat prawn and avocado salad on one of the last days of summer. Sigh.

In the evening Real Military Fitness handed my ass to me yet again. Our instructor showed us this new regime called Zuu. Google it. It's insane. After standing and laughing at him sweatily demonstrating, it was our turn to be demolished. He's promised more this week. Help! But, that's why we love it. Brand new fitness fads for £4 a go? Yes please.
I made up a little salmon salad for dinner, using Iowa Girl's maple marinade here and adding it to baby spinach leaves, steamed asparagus, mango, walnuts and dried cranberries. Thumbs up from The Boy and I.

FRIDAY! Fried egg day! Good morning sunshine.

The day started off real nasty - pouring with rain - but later in the afternoon it cleared and I enjoyed a walk with a friend after my salmon salad.

After wortk it was straight to my Mum's where she fed us organic meatballs and spaghetti before we all headed to a family shindig. I also ate a yum yum donut and about 500 sweets. Damn my mother's sweet stash. I always find them hard to resist after a long week at work.

I got my rose wine on at the party, and got my dance on not long after. Andy finally dragged me away at 12:30am. I had some canapes for fuel and birthday cake along the way. The pork belly on a stick was divine.
I didn't exactly jump out of bed Saturday morning but I was okay after this repeat of Thursday's nutrient rich breakfast. Despite the threat of rain, I donned my mac and headed out for a long seaside walk in the fresh air.

I was super hungry for lunch, which I had around 11:30, before I tackled my chores. Albacore tuna salad with anchovies. So succulent. Best tinned tuna ever.

Later in the afternoon we had some errands to run. I was flagging and demanded cake. Andy obliged and took me to the lovely Pie and Vinyl where I enjoyed bread pudding and Lucy Rose tea (two parts breakfast blend, one part Earl Grey). Delish! We also spotted Comedian Phil Jupitus in there from Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Later we grabbed a few bottles and some Portsmouth tea and headed to our friends' house for an epic barbecue. It was like a tasting menu - from veggie and prawn skewers to grilled whole mackerel to rack of lamb to grilled halloumi to sausages plus dips and salads and breadsticks and potatoes... Oh my. I could barely walk home! It was fabulous.
Hello little mackerels...

We will destroy you! Looked distressed, tasted great!

We hung out in the garden drinking (cider for me) and chatting until I got too chilly and then, too tired. Andy rolled me home and it was off to bed.
Another late night, we woke up to thunder rumbling on Sunday. Despite vowing never to eat again, you can guess what happened next...

We were off out for lunch with my Mum and Paul so I snapped this sad looking plant in the garden to get his diagnosis (he's a Landscape Gardener). He reckons it will come good. Phew! All the others are thriving.

We drove off to a beauty spot for a late lunch. These beauties sure hit the spot - red hot wings. Managed them all.

I didn't partake in the nacho platter, but it deserves a special mention. Gimme cheeeeeese.

I plumped for the rather lovely and tender salmon with stir fried veggies and salad. It was great.

As we were celebrating my mum's birthday, we order the special Bellybuster, which Andy and Paul set upon. Brownie, marshmallows, M&Ms, ice cream, cream... I did have a teeny taste and a bit of my mum's very nutty brownie.

I opted for a virgin Pina Colada, which was lush.

For once I wasn't the most stuffed on leaving! We got home quite late and went for an evening walk. The clouds and sunset were stunning after a brooding day of sunshine and showers. I felt peckish later on and ate a Yorkshire Provender Chicken, Vegetable and Coconut soup Mum gave me. It was really nice and very filling.

And thus, the weekend was done.
I woke today vowing to get back on track, which means eating W30 as much as possible. Usual breakfast, then.

After a fun writing skills training session I ran in the morning at work, I had this lovely ham and avocado salad before I ruined my foot on my walk with Rach.

And that is that. I'm up super early tomorrow to catch a train so will bid you adieu for now, comrades. Monday is done.

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