Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hitting refresh

Hey there. We're halfway through the weekend - there's still everything to play for! I had my friends and their little boy to stay yesterday, so it's been a bit of a whirlwind but good fun. Today Andy and I plan to hit the shops to buy my birthday present - yay! We did want to walk but the weather is not looking promising and it's a pretty long way. We'll see. First I need me some lunch, then I'll be able to think straight!

*Eats lunch, goes shopping, comes back and finishes the post later that afternoon.*
Phew, it's turned in to proper stinker out there. We ended up compromising and driving part way. I'm really glad because I still got my 10k steps for the day and we haven't got soaked and blown about trying to get home! We found some bargain fitness gear in Debenhams sale - I got new trainers, a long sleeve Winter training top, a short sleeve top and a sports bra for under £80. It's my birthday present from Andy - practical and pretty! I'm chuffed!
I also had a very nice soy chilli hot chocolate at Southsea Coffee Co. Chilli chocolate = love.
In other news I'm moving over to my Mum's to dogsit for a couple of weeks on Tuesday. I'm going to use it as an opportunity to take a little break from blogging. Not a long one, but I've got to a stage where I need to decide where I'm going to take it and what I want to to focus on longer term. At the moment it feels like I'm going through the motions a bit and I want to have a fresh start and feel excited and refocused. I hope you don't mind and will wait and see what I have in store! In the meantime if you sign up to follow the blog (see bar on side of page), you'll get an email when I next post so you don't have to keep checking back to see if I've resurfaced. You can also follow me on Twitter @jodeap
So, for the time being, here's the last few snaps of my food for a few weeks...
Wednesday night = Waitrose coriander and coconut salmon. Divine. I had to use hardened creamed coconut which you melt in the sachets so it came out really thick, but it tasted the same. Steamed pak choy and asparagus and a bit of sweet potato kept it company.
The weather was pants so I stayed in and relaxed rather than walk in the rain.
Thursday morning = fried eggs, sunny side up, and roasted vegetables. Those yolks are so creamy.

The only meeting I had all day at work was at 12pm. What the?! I ate this salmon salad lunch just after 1pm and headed to the shops. The sun was shining and I needed some bits and bobs. I started to feel really washed out as I walked around and ended up sitting down for the rest of the afternoon (I usually stand at my desk).

My fatigue carried on in to the evening, so I decided to skip Real Military Fitness. Rachael was over for dinner and I made us homemade burgers with homemade guacamole and sweet potato and green bean fries. Then we watched Educating Yorkshire and I kept dozing off. Sorry, Rach!

Having rediscovered the joy of scrambled eggs at the End of the Road Festival, I made myself some on Friday morning. Delicious.

Lunch was sardines packed in chilli oil with salad and a walk to the shops.

Dinner was grilled pork chops with homemade apple sauce and a ton of steamed tenderstem brocolli and asparagus. So yum. I made the apple sauce by chopping up two sad little apples and putting them over a medium heat, adding a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dash of brandy and some pepper. Simmer for about 10 minutes and lightly mash.

We relaxed and had an early night on Friday, ready to rise early on Saturday. Andy got up for a 9 mile run at 6am. I layed in 'til 7 and had a leisurely fried egg breakfast before heading out...

...into the glorious sunshine for my usual long walk.
I went to the butcher then we hung out and got the house ready for our guests' arrival at 1.30pm. I wolfed down this amazing tuna salad, too.
Lizzie, my friend, presented me with homemade jam and chutney on arrival - this girl knows the way to my heart! They also gave us two gorgeous glass coffee coasters with a heart design inlaid in them. Beautiful.
The boys went off to a local music festival while my friend and I took her little boy to the park and seafront. We chilled at home and the boys came back to line their stomachs with my slow cooked lamb stew with cider before heading back out. We stayed in with Bake Off, X Factor and girl talk.
Another early night for me and up at 6.45am today! All the chores and tidying were done by 12pm. I love a productive weekend! Now time to cosy up and get ready for my decamp to Chichester.
Farewell, friends, speak soon.


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