Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Chicken or egg

Anyone who's read the blog before knows I like an egg-based breakfast. This is usually in the form of a roasted vegetable frittata, but I do sometimes branch out and have fried eggs with my veggies instead. Yes, vegetables at breakfast - part of the Whole 30 and surprisingly easy to get used to. Well, today it was, in fact, the chicken that came first. Yep. I ate roast chicken for breakfast. I've not done it in a while but it didn't feel too weird.

Yesterday was more along my usual lines of a frittata,with a ham topping, but it was in a different location to usual:
Ah yes, the 6:08am train to Cardiff. It was a good breakfast and a good journey. Luckily my foot had a chance to rest after I hurt it on Monday and I was able to walk up to our sixth floor office and down again to get some steps in. I also had a little stroll around Cardiff at lunchtime to stretch my legs.
This row of cafes and bars looked very continental and inviting in the sunshine:
But I didn't linger, no. I bought some dental floss and headed back to work!
Having spent 6 hours on a train in total, I was ready for Real Military Fitness to get me moving lastnight. It was pretty chilly - Autumn has definitely landed here - so I was glad to get going. We did the 'bleep test' for the first time. I never did it at school. It was quite fun, but my knees are stiff today. Getting old!
The Boy was in charge of dinner and made us this lovely Thai Massaman curry based on a Nom Nom Paleo recipe. We had lamb in it and it was fabulous, perfect for a crisp, cool evening. I'm starting to get into the idea of hearty stews and hot curries for the new season... Mmm.
Unfortunately I lost the picture of yesterday's lunch - roast chicken salad. I do have today's, though. That old favourite, mackerel salad, eaten deskside before a walk, wearing a jacket for the first time in months. I kind of need another walk now but it's pouring with rain. Hmm. Our work walking challenge to do at least 10,000 steps a day ends tomorrow and I wanted to go out on a high. I've averaged over 13,000 a day over the last four months, which I hope to keep up.
Well, we'll see. It's not really been my lucky day after my alarm going off at 5am because I forgot to reset it from yesterday and then noticing a big scratch on my cheek I gave myself in the night with a nail I broke at RMF. Sigh. It can only get better this evening, right? Coconut and coriander salmon should help ease the pain. Have a good one.
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