Sunday, 4 August 2013


Good evening lovelies. I meant to blog yesterday, but the day just ran away from me. It's been busy as usual, but all nice stuff, as usual. I just need an extra day in the week to catch up on things! Especially as this coming week is another busy one - an overnight trip tomorrow night and then off to Stockholm first thing Friday, while still trying to fit in work and exercise... and some downtime would be nice! I'm not complaining, but I am tired, hence having the munchies. Luckily Andy is making these amazing vegan fudgy delights from Oh She Glows as we speak, ready for a TV fest later... I'm ready now!

Meanwhile, back on Wednesday we finished up the day with some very succulent lamb leg steak kebabs. I marinated the meat in red wine vinegar, olive oil, oregano and garlic before cubing and grilling it. I served them with a traditional Greek salad with feta and it went down a treat.

Thursday was a scorcher here - hottest day of the year so far. I started it outdoors with my own plate of sunshine, a three egg and vegetable frittata. I heart outdoor breakfasts.

I had a clear day at work so could crack on with some quiet work in our 'focus area' with some tunes on. I broke for lunch, a tasty albacore tuna salad, before going for a walk and catching up with a friend.

It was straight to Real Military Fitness after work and I was relieved to see our kit set up under some shady trees on the softer grass. So kind. They still worked us like dogs, though! Two full minutes of non-stop abs. Killer. I love it, I can't deny it. Dinner needed to be quick and easy after that. Grilled cod, steamed tenderstem broccoli, carrot and courgettes and nuked sweet potato. Ready in ten.

FRIDAY! Another frittata, this time with mackerel, and another clear day ahead with three deadlines to hit at work. Better stay focused.

Lunch with Rach was a welcome break in the fresh air. We caught up on the gossip and made plans for the evening. Time to hit Harry's Champagne Bar in Southsea. Fourth time this season. Can't get enough!

It rained on the way to the castle, but we made it and eventually the weather cleared and we sat outside and made light work of two bottles of Prosecco before strolling home to a lovely dinner cooked by Andy - grilled rib eye steaks with boiled new potatoes and steamed broccoli and courgette. Just what we needed. Then we sang and danced around the living room until 1am, drinking another bottle of Prosecco plus some limoncello and sending videos of ourselves to Rach's friends. Sometimes a girl's gotta let loose.
I woke up feeling a litle groggy on Saturday, but this smoked salmon frittata revived me.

The Boy and I had some stuff to do in town, so we strolled in and enjoyed a coffee for our troubles at Southsea Coffee Co., our new favourite hangout. I had iced black coffee, it was really nice, not at all bitter. I needed the caffeine.
Andy headed off to watch football and I went to the butcher's then made myself a luscious and very large ham and avocado salad, which I enjoyed outside.

Then I jumped in the car and spent a couple of hours chilling with my Mum, Paul and the dogs in their garden and trying to avoid these...

I managed it! My Mum thought Andy was coming, too, so had got the treats in!
We had a quiet evening in planned back home. A rare occasion! To celebrate I made a new Iowa Girl Eats recipe, ginger chicken with peaches. It was divine. A slight Asian twist with the sesame oil. I served it with steamed spinach and asparagus. Lush summer eating.

Andy is getting more and more adventurous in the kitchen. He's cutting down on carbs, so volunteered to make this Paleo Egg McMuffin this morning. Sausagemeat sandwiched between egg. Amazing! Very messy to make though. Next time we'll use omelette to sandwich the meat!

I went for a lovely long walk along the seaside, leaving my phone and iPod behind. Sometimes I need to leave the noise behind and focus on what's happening around me and in my mind. It's refreshing. It was so pretty today - sunny and fresh, and the colours all so vivid.
After our exercise we headed to Salisbury, an hour's drive away, to meet friends for lunch at ASK Italian restaurant. I had sea bass with new potato, artichokes, tomatoes and a salad. It was really tasty. We also shared some fried courgette chips.

After, we went for a walk around town, and had fun chasing their little boy around. What a bundle of energy! After a hot chocolate we headed our separate ways, Andy and I to his Mum and Dad's for a barbecue. Ooh, it was good - burgers, chicken, ribs, all kinds of salad... and Key Lime pie. A real treat day! We chilled in their garden for a bit and now we're home prepping for the week ahead.
Better get cracking. That's all folks!

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