Sunday, 18 August 2013

The week in eats

I'm going to borrow a concept from Kath of Kath Eats, another favourite blogger of mine, and catch you up on the rest of my week after my trip to Stockholm through the medium of yummy food...


Back to Whole 30/Paleo breakfasts after a few weeks' variation. It felt good.

Spinach and vegetable frittata. Got to love Waitrose's frozen grilled vegetables when you haven't had time/energy to roast your own.

Fried eggs with home-roasted vegetables

Mackerel and roasted vegetable fritatta, made the night before and eaten cold, like pizza.

Smoked salmon and roasted vegetable frittata.
Clean eats to get me through a busy week at work and a VERY early start on Thursday (4:40am wake-up call). Just about got over it today!
Grilled mackerel salad. Tinned - they were out of fresh. Okay, but not as good.

Roast salmon salad. Good, good, good. Sat at our fancy Mac... scary but finally getting to grips with it!

Albacore tuna salad with anchovies. Heaven.

Afternoon snack in the garden when I got home earlier than usual after my early start on Thursday. Half a Gala apple with almond and sunflower seed butter. Two magazines. Restorative.
Sardines packed in chilli olive oil. Will get these again. Yum.

Cooked ham and avocado salad. All the good fats. And good things.
Andy has been away all week, so I indulged myself with whatever I fancied.
He did knock up this smoked haddock omelette with grilled vegetables and chorizo on the side before he headed to Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium on Tuesday. A perfect homecoming meal after Sweden.

Salmon and ginger broth with pak choy after going back to Real Military Fitness on Tuesday. I felt great - running better and faster and lifting heavier weights. Progress! Even the instructor commented.

Random insert: my Chinese orchid is really coming along. New buds on my new stem! My babies!
Wednesday night was tapas at Nicholson's with friends for their birthday. No snaps. You've seen it all before!

Grilled chicken with sweet potato and homemade apple, carrot and cabbage slaw. Fresh, fresh, fresh.
This was a pre-Pilates meal, which my friend and I tried as RMF was cancelled. It was okay but quite pricey and too much thinking involved for me - suck tummy in, breathe, pull bum in, keep shoulders down... I have enough thinking to do in the day - in the evening I want to run around a field and pick up heavy stuff. M'kay?
Grilled rib eye, steamed kale drizzled with olive oil, sweet potato. Simply perfect.

New recipe alert! Chorizo, kale and potato broth. I substituted sweet potato for normal. This will definitely go on the Autumn rotation - it felt like Autumn lastnight with rain and howling winds!
Other happenings - a haircut with my Mum, a couple of hours' girl time with one of my oldest, bestest friends and two quiet weekend nights in. All in all - ready to get back in the groove and make the most of the end of the summer! Happy end of the weekend, loves.


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