Monday, 26 August 2013

Sweet days of summer

Good evening, my dears. It's been a lovely Monday here, mainly because it's a holiday so there was no work, lots of sun and a good deal of fun. We're exhausted after spending the day with Andy's niece and nephew, who are the loveliest little pair.

It's been a good couple of days, but also very indulgent and I. am. stuffed! Ready for some clean eats for the next three days at work before we head of for that other realm known as festival land on Thursday and lose ourselves for a few days. Yes, summer is slowly slipping away but we're making the most of every millisecond now!

On Saturday night The Boy spoiled me by not only making this very yummy Thai prawn masamman curry with veggies and sweet potato...

... he also made almond butter cups from Oh She Glows. OMG. They may look like Jaffa Cakes, but these are incredibly rich and decadent. He made me a little pot of the leftover chocolate topping which went really hard in the freezer. It was actually a bit too much for me I think as it gave me a stomach ache the next day. Small portions advised! If only I had the self control! We stayed in and watched some TV on catch up. A nice, relaxed Saturday evening.
 Sunday morning I woke up with the aforementioned dodgy tum and tried to appease it with the usual breakfast treat, but it didn't feel any better. I'd planned a workout but didn't feel up to it so mooched about and did some organising. And bugged Andy when I got bored of that.

We had a hearty cod and veggie lunch around 1pm as we were off to the local Victorious Festival for the rest of the day. I love cod but it really needs something to give it flavour - it's so bland.

The festival was heaving and there were long, long queues for EVERYTHING - to get in, for drinks, for the toilet. We queued around 30 minutes for a cocktail when we first got in. I did manage to have some very tasty banana coconut brownie and a delicious flapjack, both shared with Andy. I also enjoyed a cider and bought two vintage headscarves ready for our next festival as I won't be able to dry my hair so I'm going to arrange it artfully (!).
There was one main band Andy was really keen to see called The Joy Formidable - our friends' friend goes out with the drummer. They were good but only on for 30 minutes. Still long enough to cause me some hearing damage which I'm still feeling today. Am I just getting too old for this?! Andy was beside himself as he got to go backstage and meet them! We left around 8pm and had some cassava root chilli crisps and ham and mushroom pizza back home. Oh, and polished off the almond cups. My stomach ache had subsided at this point! We walked the 6 mile round trip to the festival and back but I doubt it cancelled out the treats!
Today I got up around 8am and made myself an oatmeal and ground almond porridge with strawberries and blueberries and coconut milk.

By 9.45 we were on the road and collecting these gorgeous little urchins ready to take them out to lunch and to my Mums to see the animals.

I went a bit cray at lunch. Blue cheese burger and curly fries. The cheese was really strong!

And just a teeny bit of strawberry shortcake sundae for dessert. Ahem.

Erm, I'll be the one passed out on the couch for the rest of the evening! Send help!
What did you indulge in this weekend?

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