Thursday, 15 August 2013

Short and Swede

Hello lovelies! I'm back! There's a lot to tell, but not a lotta time (what's new?!) so you'll be getting updates on my trip to Stockholm in bitesize chunks. Tasty.

Before we headed off to Sweden last Friday morning, I squeezed in these treats and eats...

Homemade beef burgers served with homemade guacamole and sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli. This Wednesday night dinner was a winner.

Love me some guac.

Fried egg Thursday with a side of roasted vegetables. It was steamy as you can see.

I had a very rare meltdown at work last Thursday, all to do with new technology and systems which always Freak. Me. Out. Leftover burger salad, a walk and a rant were my respite.

When I finally got in around 7pm I was glad I'd picked a simple dinner - Iowa Girl's chicken, mango and avocado salad but with prawns and smoked salmon rather than chicken. Slight fail when I realised I'd used all the avocado in the guacamole, but we struggled through. Delish.

My friend dropped by for a chat and to collect her basil plant I'd babysat and I packed and we were ready to head to...
...the home of ABBA! How cool is it that we were greeted by this costume display at Stockholm airport when we arrived Friday lunchtime? Party has officially started!

The hotel was none to shabby either. We loved the Rica Hotel in Gamla Stan. I felt like I was in a Parisian apartment. So pretty and cosy with some lovely touches. We were surprised that it was part of a chain, it realy felt like a boutique hotel.

Why, how did they know...? (Actually, sadly, these never got used!)

It was way past lunchtime when we checked in and we were ready to eat, drink and be merry. Just around the corner we found an Asian buffet restaurant packed with diners. It looked good and reasonably priced. We stopped. I enjoyed a glass of wine and a selection of sushi, seaweed, chicken and stir fried vegetables.

We'd been up since 5am, so after a little mooch around the beautiful old town that was to be our 'hood for the weekend, we headed back to our room for a rest and I checked out the view across the rooftops.

We were in town for a wedding and met a load of the guests and the bride and groom for drinks later on at a cool bar down by the river. Before we got to the point of no return on the drinks front, I suggested we seek out some dinner.
I'd had a couple of ciders at the bar so thought, why not one more with dinner?

Trust me to order the 8.5% one. Oops! Oh well, it got me ready for sleep!

It was a really cute little restaurant called Il Buttero Cicchetti right near the hotel which did a tapas-style Italian menu.
I was more than ready to try the little dishes on offer while Andy went in for a burger which he said was really good. I got beef carpaccio with parmesan and rocket, sauteed spinach, sheep's cheese with chutney and squid rings. And some of Andy's chips! It was really, really tasty with great service and a nice atmosphere. A great find for our first night in town.

Cheers to Stockholm! More updates to follow over the next couple of days.

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