Saturday, 24 August 2013

Routine check-up

Hey there. It's my usual Saturday post... except, I haven't really been doing anything according to my 'usual' schedule recently. When I first started blogging I tried to do it every day, which quickly became exhausting. After that I settled in to a nice Monday-Wednesday-Saturday routine which suited me fine. Except lately I've been all over the place and it's been anything but regular. I don't like this. Hopefully once the summer silly season is over and life settles down a bit things will get back to normal, but until then, please bear with me!

In the meantime, I have a busy period coming up in September, a kind of project - all will be revealed after the event. It's really good stuff, but something I need to keep under my hat for now. And there's also another longer term VERY BIG project you'll start hearing more about soon. But for today, let's stick to the routine and try and have some semblance of normality on this Bank Holiday weekend - the last of the summer...

Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day which I spent with family and friends celebrating Paul, my Mum's partner's, birthday. He loves Smith and Western, so around 15 of us descended on the Chichester branch (you may recall my visit to the Tunbridge Wells one). It was a really nice afternoon. I was in the mood to keep it healthy so stuck to Cajun grilled chicken, baked potato and guacamole with water to drink.

And, anyway, Paul didn't want to share his birthday bellybuster...

Fudge brownie, cream, ice cream, marshmallows... God knows what else was in there!

I always love spending time with my family, especially my Mum and Paul and my cousin and her husband. There are never enough hours or days on the week. I tore myself away in the early evening and headed home to prepare for the week ahead. I kept dinner light and simple with avocado, mango and cashew salad with spinach and salmon. Inspired by Iowa Girl's chicken version. Always a winner.
I was fast asleep by the time Andy arrived home from his festival later that night...
Which meant I was fresh and ready for the working week on Monday morning. I fried myself up two eggs and had them with some roasted veggies to celebrate!

I had a bit of catch up time at work while I waited for the next part of my current project to unfold, so made sure I got as much other stuff done as I could. At lunch I enjoyed my usual Monday catch up with BC. It was a little cool and windy but we took it outside. It's still summer! Salmon salad for me.

The Boy had been home all day and not left the house or managed to do much constructive after wearing himself out at the festival. Being a nice girlfriend I made him a roast chicken dinner. I know.

Tuesday, tuesday, time for a frittata. Just two eggs and good ole veggies.

I was back at the Mac at work doing some amends to our internal newspaper. I'm getting to grips with it, finally. Using the Mac is all new to me when it comes to work and systems but it sure is pretty.
Roast chicken leftovers were very succulent for lunch. I took a walk with Andy after.

In the evening I headed to Real Military Fitness and got my ass handed to me. I was shattered after, I even thought I might be coming down with something... nope, just beaten into submission! Luckily dinner was very quick and easy - grilled lamb and Greek salad, minus the feta - Andy had some, though. Loving our butcher's lamb lately.
We watched the last episode of Top of the Lake after. I was a bit unimpressed by the series overall.
As I had some leftover chicken from Monday, I added it to Wednesday's breakfast vegetables and topped it all with a fried egg. Ooh, yeah.

We had a team meeting followed by a team lunch. I always seem to have stinky mackerel on team lunch days. Sure do love it, though. Andy and I popped to the shops after so I could get some things for Rachael, my hostess for the evening.

I had a real treat in store - Rachael cooked me steak and very yummy vegetables. Spoiled! She also took me for a nice walk and made sure I got to bed early. Not exactly a high octane evening, but a very nice one and what I needed with a busy day ahead at work on Thursday.

As I was out of my usual routine, I didn't fancy breakfast first thing on Thursday at Rach's, so grabbed some fruit when I got in - banana, plum, pineapple and strawberries.

It made a nice change, but I was so hungry come lunchtime. Andy had kindly made me an Albacore tuna salad and bought it in to work for me. He even added the anchovies. I was very grateful. I then went for a walk with a colleague, which was very nice. It was really sunny and warm out and neither of us wanted to return!

Andy had forgotten to get the meat out to defrost in the morning, so to make up for it he grabbed some Goan fish curry from Waitrose while I did my Jillian Michaels DVD - I didn't make RMF on Thursday night. I LOVE this curry. It really does not taste like a ready meal. I had mine with steamed cabbage and asparagus. Yum! We went for a nice walk after.
I found Jillian really hard going. I think having a lighter breakfast than usual had a knock-on effect on my energy all day. I can manage one hour at RMF, but found 20 minutes of Jill really tough! I also hate working out indoors now.
Friday was a big deadline for work and I woke feeling anxious at 5am. I decided to take my breakfast in to the garden for a moment of calm.

Luckily my organisation earlier in the week meant I could focus on the task at hand. There were a few hitches, but I stayed focused and kept going. We had tinned sardines for lunch - mine went really well with the added avocado. Yum. I had a 1pm meeting, so had a very fast few laps of the lakes alone and managed to squeeze a good walk in!

I managed to get my work done, but always leave feeling a bit uneasy when I have a big project on. It took me a while to wind down. We strolled up to the shops to look for trainers for my birthday present then headed home.
I popped in to Lidl for some smoked salmon for the weekend and then got in and made dinner earlier than usual. We were both hungry. Luckily it was a 15 minute job - grilled pork steak, microwaved sweet potato, steamed cabbage and carrot and stewed apple and plum with cinnamon. Gorgeous! The pork was really succulent and cooked just long enough without going dry.

I had a bottle of pear cider and fell asleep on the sofa. Not so worried about work after all...
Saturday! Up and at 'em just after 7. Salmon frittata to start the weekend - forgot to snap it. Then time for the usual routine (love it!) - long, leisurely breakfast, walk for an hour by the sea, go to the butcher, do Jillian DVD (new addition), clean, iron, eat lunch...

...Ham and avocado salad.
Then we went and did some outdoor chores - collect dry cleaning, get ingredients for another sweet treat recipe Andy wants to make from Oh She Glows and drop winter shoes in for re-heeling. Sigh.
We also stopped in to an amphibian and reptile exhibit at our local natural history museum, where I stroked a huge black monitor lizard. We're talking four feet long. I liked him! I have a strange thing for reptiles - I'd like to own one one day... Confession of the week right there!
Tonight Andy is cooking dinner and we're chilling, then tomorrow we're off to a local festival, so I'll catch y'all on Monday. You know, like old times. Have a good one.
Do you have a weekend routine or just go with the flow?
I have to admit, I do love a bit of order!

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