Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dancing Queen

Hey, hey! It's a sunny Sunday here and I'm full of beans. Let's go!

Last Saturday was the big day - our friends' wedding in Stockholm. That morning was our first taste of the hotel breakfast and we were not disappointed. They had everything from Full English to muesli to pickled herring, and the dining room was really pretty, too. I went for a few slices of pumpernickel bread with soft boiled eggs and jam. A nice, simple treat. And lots and lots of black tea.

We had the morning at our leisure before the wedding, so went for a li'l walk in the sunshine. We spotted a little boutique that also did fresh juices - a current obsession. Apple, carrot and ginger. So zingy, you feel sooo virtuous drinking it.

See, the picture of radiance!

This is pretty much the postcard view of Stockholm you'll see as you walk around. Glorious. But there are LOTS of cobbles in the Old Town. Take comfy shoes.

Before I slipped into my uncomfortable ones, we had a quick lunch back at the room to line the tummies before the wedding. A very nice sushi takeout from the Coop.

Wedding! We headed to a church in the heart of the city. The bride looked stunning - I knew she would. Awww.

Then we all hopped on a bus and got on what can only be described as a cruise liner... all to ourselves!

Simple and pretty.

My handsome boy enjoying our drinks and toasts on the top deck.

The view as we sailed out of the city. It was so, so pretty.

Dinner! Lots of nice things to choose from at the buffet. There were rumours of reindeer, but I think it was lamb. Marinated grilled vegetables, a really good cold carrot mash, salmon, egg with caviar, potato salad... It was all really fresh and tasty. Perfect.

A little while later we tucked in to the gorgeous and feather light cake with layers of cream and custard. Then, sweeties were brought out and, around midnight, McDonald's cheeseburgers! What a great idea! I didn't fancy a burger but was tucking in to the sweeties - energy for dancing... We managed until 1am before we quit and walked back to the hotel, which was 5 minutes' walk away. A perfect end to a wonderful day.

I loved my breakfast so much the day before, I had a repeat on Sunday, despite all the variety on offer! Sunday was our sightseeing day, so we set off around 11am to squeeze it all in. First stop was the Vasa museum - a full-size real ship reclaimed from the depths of the harbour after it sank on its maiden voyage. Truly magnificent and creepy. Think Pirates of the Caribbean. It was too dark in there for decent pictures, sadly.

After a so-so, very over-priced salmon salad lunch with an amazing dill and mustard dressing (I was spooning it straight in to my mouth!) by the water, we headed to the Abba Museum. Andy was the one who really wanted to go, but I have to admit, it was great fun and I was singing all the way round. It's quite new, so very modern and interactive. I'd recommend a visit. Love these outfits - very modern. But so tiny!

We did a lot of walking, so decided we needed a reward on the way back. Pistachio and saffron honey for the lady.

After chilling back at the crib, we went out for our laster dinner in the city, and we wanted some traditional Swedish fare. Sadly, as is the case in most of the city, reindeer was £30 for a main course, so Andy went for traditional meatballs with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes instead. Very nice. I had a spicy and hearty fish stew. For starters we shared a variety of herring and potato and sour cream. It was all delicious and simple. And pricey, of course! The restaurant was called Slingerbulten and it was pretty good if you want to keep it simple.


In the morning I went cray with a traditional Swedish breakfast. Hey, fish at breakfast is nothing new to me!

Smoked turkey, boiled egg, beetroot salad and herring three ways - with dill, with tomato and sweet pickled. It was so, so good! I didn't think I'd like the tomato, but it was nice and sweet, not bitter. Nom, nom.

One last walk and cup of tea at 'Under the Chestnut Tree' and then it was time to wave goodbye. Sigh.

Very overpriced but okay pulled park at the airport finished off a pricey but reviving trip. I'll definitely visit again.

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