Monday, 15 July 2013

Tiger blood

Hey you! How was the weekend? It was so hot here. Like properly 'I need to get in the shade because I am sweltering out here hot'. Hot, but also very chilled as Andy and I had no plans. Bliss. But don't worry, we still got up to plenty just trying to escape the heat!

For starters, on Saturday we strolled in to town to seek out iced coffee at a new local spot called Southsea Coffee Co., with a detour to Coco for chocolate on the way... We tried their new prototype coconut dark chocolate. Stunning. I digress.

I had a soy iced latte. Mmm, I really like soy milk in iced coffee.

We were in no hurry, so I ordered another summer cooler, watermelon juice with coconut water. It was really good. They have wifi, so we hung out for a while and looked on the iPad. We'll be going again, for sure.

On the way to town I stopped in to the local whole foods (no, not THAT one!) store for some sunflower seed butter. I've been meaning to try it for a while, and I really like it. People say it tastes like peanut butter. Hmm, not sure about that, but it's good. There's a whole range of nut butters (love those words) in the shop I want to work my way through.

Later on, I got to cooking our dinner. It's a new recipe from Runner's World for pan-fried duck with salad and blueberry dressing. I couldn't find an interweb link, I'm afraid. It made a really nice change to have duck and it was a light and fresh dinner. Look at those plump blubes - I'm loving them at the moment.
Later I snacked on a crisp Gala apple with cinnamon.

Followed by a dark chocolate disc topped with pistachio, almond, salt and dried strawberries. A lovely little treat from my friend Rachael.

Before bed I made myself some overnight oats for Sunday - oats, blueberries, full fat Greek yoghurt with sunflower butter added in the morning. Cool and refreshing on a hot morning... and it was barely 8am!

As I'd missed bootcamp in the week, I bust out Jillian Michaels' Six Weeks to Six Pack DVD and got a serious sweat on. I'm feeling it today! After that strain, I enjoyed an iced black coffee and an apple. Rewards taste so much sweeter after some hard graft!

We decided to go out for lunch and headed to The Garage Lounge to give it another chance after a recent fail. I had a beetroot and salmon salad with fennel and citrus fruits. It was great, really fresh and vibrant. And I tucked in to the hunk of Tiger bread and butter on the side. Ooh, it was worth it. I felt a bit bloated after, but nothing major.

The walk home was seriously hot, and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and catching up on bits around the house. I potted a plant!
I also roasted a chicken stuffed with lemon and garlic for dinner and we enjoyed it with salad for a nice change. The salad had apple, dill and parsely in and I served fried courgette with it as we have some to use up. It all worked really well.
And what to do with leftover blueberry juice from dinner the night before? Add amaretto and enjoy over ice, of course. Don't mind the neighbour's cat in the background, he sometimes comes in for a cuddle.

I woke up feeling groggy after a hot, restless night this morning. Oatmeal in the garden cheered me up a little.

I got lots of steps in today - I'm on 10,000 before my evening walk! I also had a nice ham salad.

And now I want my dinner! Grrrr!
What else will go well with blueberry juice?


  1. Those look like some really delicious meals! Yum!

    1. I'd been getting in a bit of a rut with my food so it was nice to have some summery dinners.