Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stick with it

Evening, bloglettes. It's been dull and grey here today but really humid and sticky. Yuck! Still, it sounds crazy but it's been good to have a break from the eternal sunshine. It was starting to get a little weird. I mean, this is England! The sun will have his hat back on tomorrow, by all accounts.

I'm sitting here trying to plan our meals for the next week. I'm conscious of being in a bit of a dinner rut, so want to try at least one new recipe. In other random musings, I've decided I'm fed up of TV recently - it's all so gloomy! Every programme is about people being murdered (usually women) followed by about 500 episodes of other, depressed people, trying to figure out who did it. Enough. Bring back Golden Girls!

Okay, rant over. Bring on the food. Sunday ended with smoked haddock, steamed courgette and asparagus and 'baked' (read: microwaved) sweet potato. It was a welcome return to fresh food after a weekend of the brown stuff. I went for a walk, then Andy watched his French dead people programme - more depression - while I caught up on blogs.

I decided to get back to some Whole 30-style clean eating this week. I think I just needed a break from frittatas, but I was totally ready to welcome them back on Monday morning. This three-egg beauty included some anchovies on top.

With no lunch plans, The Boy and I headed up to the shops for a walk, as I'd forgotten to order a vital dinner ingredient. This happens rather often. Before we headed out I devoured a gorgeous smoked mackerel salad.

When we got home from work, I noticed the sun shining on my freshly blooming roses and just had to share.

It looks like satin. So, so pretty.

Monday night was chores night, so dinner needed to be quick. I went back to an old favourite - salmon and ginger broth with pak choy. I'd forgotten the pak choy, hence the visit to the shops. It was worth it. Love this dinner and the crunchy pak choy.

We went for a walk after and checked out the rose garden, before watching Top of the Lake. Yep, you guessed it, depressing!
Tuesday morning was mackerel frittata. Nope, not bored yet. I worked from home, so got started early and ploughed through while it poured with rain all morning.

Come 12pm I was starving, and dove in to my pre-prepared salmon salad. Then, I went for a walk in the drizzle and stopped by the butcher to stock up for the week. I'll have 20 eggs, please.

Being at home meant I could get a chicken roasted before I left for Real Military Fitness at 6. It was a good class, and I conquered a new move. I've always thought I can't do box jumps, but when our scary instructor says jump, you better say how high. And I did it, despite having shorter legs than most. I was chuffed. I'm loving being back in the routine.
When I got back I boiled some new potatoes and made a Greek lettuce salad, which goes perfectly with roast chicken. Just finely chop two heads of Romaine lettuce, a pack of dill and a few spring onions. Squeeze some lemon juice over the chopped veggies and pour over a good quality olive oil. Toss and serve with salt to taste. The taste of summer.

Today I fancied a slightly different breakfast, so just fried up an egg to have with my roasted veg and mackerel. It was nice, and quick.

Lunch was a dinner replay, and I wasn't complaining.

And here I am. I've been for a walk to water my friend's plants. Time to cook, meal plan, food shop order and relax for a few moments before it all starts again tomorrow. Still, it's not long until the weekend and Prosecco Friday!
Which exercise are you scared of?

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