Saturday, 13 July 2013

So, have you got the guts...

...been wondering if your heart's still open and if so, I want to know what time it shuts...' Oh, Arctic Monkeys, how I love thee...

Yes, the sun is out and I have a song in my heart. It hasn't all been sunshine, hearts and flowers this week, but the weekend is here and that's enough! How are you my lovelies? Sorry it's been a few days - the days and evenings were busy this week and I've only just slowed the pace down.

There have been highs and lows. Mainly, though, I'm really happy that stepping off of the Whole 30/Paleo train hasn't lead to me being discovered face down in a bowl of peanut butter. In fact, not an awful lot has changed eats-wise, apart from me being more relaxed and having the odd treat if I feel like it. Result! It's early days, but no binges so far, just enjoying my food. There was a funny moment in a meeting the other day when people were agog at me eating a Percy Pig, but, hey, they'll just have to get used to it. Sh*t just got real, people.

Monday evening ended in the garden with Andy, Mum and Paul and some gorgeous roast chicken and vegetables. Then Andy and I went for a late evening walk to get our steps up. Dedicated, I tell ya!

Tuesday was set to be a busy day at work. I decided I needed a berry boost and dug in to the strawberries my Mum had bought over. I had them with porridge, natural yoghurt, some cashews and desiccated coconut. In the garden, of course. The weather has been off the chain here lately - an actual summer (we don't really get those now in the UK, you see).

I was running around non-stop all day at work. We had some visitors, so had a team lunch in the canteen. I bought my own salad along - I'm just not that impressed with the canteen selection. I had leftover chicken and some walnuts with salad and some roasted veggies that needed using up. I must say I'm not missing roasting a tonne of veggies for my daily frittata every few days.

It was a long day, and I was still feeling under the weather from my cold. I decided Real Military Fitness in the heat was not a great idea, and actually had a thirty minute nap when I got home. Clearly I was not on my best form and my body was telling me so. I did manage a little walk after, then grilled up some pork chops and steamed some cabbage and carrot for a tasty and satisfying dinner.

Wednesday I was actually in the mood for a frittata, particularly as I had some mackerel to go in it! I fried up frozen chargrilled vegetables from Waitrose and just added the mackerel and whisked eggs. A few strawberries on the side and the job was a good'un!

Lunch was some very tasty prawns with avocado before I skipped out for a lunchtime beauty appointment. My beauty therapist always cheers me up if I'm having a stressy day. She's so sweet and fun. It's beauty and therapy in one!

Talking of beauty and therapy, one of my fave girls came over after work for dinner. We shared a chopped Pink Lady apple before heading for a walk along the beach. Look at the lovely flowers she bought me. LOVE purple.

After our walk, I set to making a current favourite, salmon with coconut and coriander. Asparagus, wild rice and samphire accompanied. Rach loved it - result! We dined al fresco, of course.

I was worn out and still not feeling anywhere near 100%. I did manage to make my overnight oats breakfast ready for the morning, though, as we had an early start. Overnight oats are simple, tasty and perfect for summer. Put the same amount of oats you'd have for porridge in a bowl, layer over yoghurt to cover, add fruit of your choice and pop in the fridge. In the morning you'll have a cool, chewy, oaty, fruity treat!

Thursday was a long, busy day with a trip to Swindon with my team. I avoided the sandwiches on offer when we broke for 30 minutes for lunch and had my very tasty salmon and avocado lunch instead. I also managed a very quick walk outside for some fresh air. Sweet! I also went cray and had an apple and... TWO PERCY PIGS! Yum.

As we got back too late for my fitness class, I walked the three miles home from my friend's house carrying all my stuff - laptop etc. It was a good workout!
Dinner had to be quick and easy. Roasted smoked haddock, steamed spinach and nuked sweet potato. Done. Light and satisfying after a hot walk.

I was feeling the mackerel frittata again on Friday, but it was a little greyer, so I stayed inside.

 I also enjoyed some strawberries with my tea. (Just noticed it looks like a lady is trying to peak out of my bag on the floor in the background!).

Although I had no meetings, it was a busy day as I had a number of things I had to get done by the end of it. I took a quick break to scarf down this luscious mackerel salad around 12pm.

I took a walk to the shops around 2pm and really fancied a cold, fruity drink. I spotted Refresha drinks in Starbucks and ordered the lime one. The service was terrible and the portion tiny but it tasted like a Mojito! Worth it!
I didn't manage to get everything done, so I'll need to do a bit over the weekend, but that's life sometimes!

We headed straight from work to a colleague's barbecue. It was a really nice, relaxed evening with great food. I'm lucky - I work with a lovely team who have fun together, so I'm more than happy to see them out of work! They also read my blog, so will be convinced I'm just saying this to be nice...!

Look at this spread! Gorgeous Waldorf and potato salads, fried onions, more salad and a burger and sausage. Mmm mm. I also had a spicy lamb kebab and a chicken wing. Quality BBQ fare.

Luckily I saved enough room for homemade banoffee pie and strawberry pavlova. Phew! All washed down with Pimms and lemonade and white and rose wine. Not too much, though, thankfully!

I woke up bright and early today and it was already hot. I watered the garden after feeding myself with porridge, strawberries, walnuts and yoghurt with a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon.

My geraniums are blooming. Love.

I took my usual Saturday stroll along the beach and to the butcher. I can't get used to so many people being on the beach in summer after a long winter of peace and quiet. There were already sunbathers at 9.20am!
I did my cleaning and felt hungry, so ate a Pink Lady apple and had lunch a little later. Albacore tuna salad. Need I say it was in the garden?! Followed by the last of the strawberries.

We're off in search of iced coffees and nut butter now. How about you?

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