Monday, 1 July 2013

Sea food...

...and you can bet I ate it. First day of staycation is coming to a close and I can tell you, I'm loving this week day hanging around the house. It feels so naughty, and so very nice! It comes after a lovely weekend, too, full of sunshine and people I love. Just what I needed after a long, long few weeks. Yep, it's like I've hit the refresh button - and I've still got the week ahead of me!

I made sure to water the garden before we headed off on Saturday afternoon. This little baby bloom is growing fast! My first ever rose - a big deal for me. It was a scorcher, so I wanted to make sure we left the plants well-hydrated.

My own fortification came in the form of a mackerel salad. With an afternoon of drinking cocktails ahead, I needed something reliable.

After hanging out at my Mum's for a bit, she gave us a lift to my friend's Dad's place out in the countryside. It was his annual barbecue, renowned for fabulous seafood and drunken revelry. My friend knows me so well - she saved me half a lobster. What a sight to greet me with! I also enjoyed fried plantain, huge grilled prawns, scallops, oysters, sausage... you name it. All washed down with 'A Piece of Ass' cocktails (one shot amaretto, one shot Southern Comfort, lime cordial and soda water to taste), too numerous to count.

The Boy in one of his cowboy shirts, basking in the sun. It went on late and it got messy, but it was great, great fun. Long summer days with old friends... what's better than that?

I woke up feeling a little delicate, and foraged for food at Mummy's - she always comes up trumps. This deluxe muesli from Lidl almost had me turning my back on paleo. Divine, with some banana, Greek yoghurt and honey. I'd decided Sunday was my last hurrah before I get back on the straight and narrow. Plus, everyone knows you HAVE to feed a hangover with exactly what it demands. Them's the rules.

Feeling chirpier and perkier, we paid a visit to my cousin and her hubby before heading to the shops for some bits to go with the al fresco lunch we'd planned. Meat for the boys, steamed salmon for the girls with salad, new potatoes, chips, dips and yummy seeded bread.

I feasted on this little plate plus some bread, dips and chips.

But made sure I saved room for summer berry roulade. Oh yes.

Tiredness hit as the afternoon wore on, and we made our way home. It had been so lovely to hang out at Mum's all day, but I was in danger of falling asleep!

Our late lunch had tided us over, so I just had a few sweet potato crisps and called it a night.
Day one of staycation alert! My relaxed Monday morning scene...

Flowers and magazines courtesy of Mummy.
It was another sunny day, and my little rose greeted me - she's clearly been busy having a growth spurt this weekend!

It was time for me to get back to clean eats, Whole 9 style. Three egg frittata with a couple of anchovies and freshly roasted vegetables in the garden.

Andy was out and about doing some jobs, so I stayed in the garden all morning relaxing.
The we headed down to The Tenth Hole for a round of golf on the nine hole par three. Whoever said golf is a good walk ruined was right, but we did have a laugh.

And felt we earned the lunch at the end of it! This dressed crab was divine, and a very generous portion.

I grabbed a handul of hazelnuts when we got in as my lunch had lacked fat.

Of course, after all that exertion, I needed a lie down. I snoozed for a couple of hours on and off and then went for a little run with Andy. He has new minimal running shoes he needs to ease in to wearing, so we ran to Lidl for smoked salmon (a good cause!). It was a 1.5 mile round trip. I can't say I enjoyed it, but it got me up and out. It was hot, which didn't help. Still, I gave it a go and can confirm... I still don't like running.
Time to get dinner on and relax. It's all been such a rush... Ha ha. Love it!
Happy Monday.
Running - yay or nay?

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