Monday, 8 July 2013

Mid Year Review

For those of you who work in the corporate world, like me, it's that time of year when you meet with your manager to take stock, look at what you've achieved so far and decide if any of your goals for the rest of the year need to change.

Well, a bit of holiday reflection time last week has lead me to do the same in my personal life, and that's no bad thing. I wrote some things down at the beginning of the year that I want to do over the next few years, and I took a few moments to check how I was doing. One of them was to get the house as I want it, and I have someone coming to paint the outside tomorrow, so we're getting there! Plus, I'm loving my garden!

Time to think also made me consider my relationship with food. I've told you about my struggles to get back on track since my holiday to Italy in May. I've kept trying to come up with new rules and ways of getting myself to stick to a plan, but it's just not happening. I'll be 'good' all day then, wham, start snacking and not stop. It's getting tiring and frustrating and a little demoralising.

I've come to realise over the last few days that the strict 'rules' of Whole 30 and Paleo aren't working for me anymore. The novelty has worn off and I've started to rebel. Now, don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great way of eating and I intend to stick to the principles as I still believe we tend to consume way too much sugar and wheat. But, I need to stop putting 'good'/'bad' labels on food and just go back to enjoying it and having a bit of what I fancy without feeling guilty. After all, I generally love healthy, wholesome food, so why wouldn't I trust my own judgement? And, I don't want to risk getting stuck back in a vicious cycle of bingeing and restricting... You can read all about my past relationship struggles with food here.

Things won't really change around here, if anything you'll see a bit more variety in my eats. And, I'm hoping that by saving a load of mental energy by not worrying about what's in every bite I eat, I may even become more creative and have time to think about other things... or maybe I'll just watch more TV!

Thank you for listening. But don't worry, it's still mostly about the food!

After dancing Saturday night away, Sunday was a very peaceful and chilled out affair. Just what we needed. Following a relaxed morning, I made myself a very tasty ham and walnut salad for lunch.

I ate every meal outside yesterday. It was hot, hot, hot!

We went for a long walk around 6pm, once it had cooled a little. The beach was still packed and people were arriving for evening barbecues. We had our own little homage to grillin' back at home and I fired up these rib eye steaks. I wanted to keep it simple, so just roasted a load of broccoli, parsnips and sweet potatoes together to go with them. The steaks were just fabulous and so tender.

This morning I woke up on the dot of 6am, ready to face the first day back at work. I didn't fancy a frittata (SHOCKER!) and had been thinking about porridge oats with berries and yoghurt...

So I had a bit of what I fancied and topped it with walnut and desiccated coconut. It made a really nice change. And I sat outside and ate it in my PJs! Bliss.
I think my relaxed start to the day made me feel calmer when I hit the inbox at work, although the stresses soon mounted and by lunchtime I started to feel a little frazzled. My cold isn't really helping matters, but all in all it wasn't too bad.
I had my mackerel salad for lunch and then went up to the shops with Andy - we won £10 on the lottery so needed to claim our bounty!

It was so gorgeous out, but actually a relief to get back in to the air-conditioned office!
Now I'm waiting for my Mum and Paul to arrive - I'm cooking a roast chicken dinner for us all. It smells so good...
Have you had a 'review'? Still on track?

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