Sunday, 21 July 2013

Drink eat repeat

My blog title today is an homage to one of my favourite blogs, Run Eat Repeat, and also describes what I've been doing since Wednesday. Yep, healthy balance has gone out the window this week and I'm feeling the effects, y'all. I'm one tired bunny.

Let's examine the evidence...

Wednesday we had friends over to celebrate Andy's birthday and I cooked up a Greek feast of Greek salad, marinated grilled lamb, toasted pittas and an assortment of dips and vine leaves. It was a lovely evening, and I may have over-indulged in the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. That stuff just slips down such a treat. We also had chocolate mint gateau from Waitrose as birthday cake. Really light and fluffy.

Wine plus a relatively late night meant I was very glad I'd made overnight oats with Greek yoghurt and berries ready for Thursday morning. I had a long day ahead, which began with a 90 minute drive in heavy traffic. Sweet.

After a morning conference, we headed to the buffet. There was a lot of 'brown' food, but I opted to keep it fairly light with chicken, salad and fruit. I had an afternoon of dancing ahead of me, you see!

We spent the afternoon putting on a charity tea dance for 80 elderly people. They loved it! I danced the Cha Cha Cha, which I'd learnt two days before, and had a great time. It was sweltering, though, and I was tired and fuzzy-headed so reached for some jelly beans and a fairy cake to keep me on my feet.
After the event, it was straight to the hotel for a much-welcomed shower, followed by (more) drinks - Prosecco this time - and a barbecue dinner. I was pretty restrained on the drinks and just had a few glasses, as I was already tired. For dinner I went for a burger, sausage, halloumi kebab, baked potato and some salad and salsa.

There were tonnes of dessert options, with loads of cake left from the afternoon event. I couldn't resist a couple of bits of crumbly, oaty flapjack and some lemon sponge alongside my fruit. I also ate about a million Haribo Tangfastic sweets during the quiz that followed dinner. Tired Jodea = sugar monster!

I slipped off to bed around 11, determined not to repeat my mistakes and get some decent shuteye.
Breakfast options on Friday were pretty decent and I felt better after some rest. I went for muesli with Greek yoghurt and fruit compote, followed by a banana. I'm just loving the oats and fruit since I ditched my strict Paleo regime.

We drove back down to the office in the sunshine, and hit more traffic, but the sun was shining and we had some good tunes to sing along to. When lunchtime arrived I needed to buy something as I'd been away, so I got a meal deal from Marks and Spencer - chickpea and edamame salad with a berry smoothie and some cherries. It made a really nice change and the salad was very tasty.

Later that afternoon I couldn't resist some fruity flapjack... I needed to line my stomach for cocktails at the castle straight from work, you see. It was a gorgeous evening and great fun to meet with friends for a bottle (or four) of Prosecco. It was packed!
Come around 9pm I needed some food, fast. We headed for a local Thai cafe in Elm Grove our friends had heard good things about. And it was really good, fast and cheap. Result! Pork toasts with chilli dipping sauce to start.

Followed by a spicy beef dish and egg fried rice. By this time I'd had enough fizz and moved on to lychee juice, which was very refreshing. At £12.50 a head, we were all happy.

Life in the fast lane caught up with me Saturday morning and I was beat. So beat I didn't even go on my usual walk and just moped around feeling sorry for myself. Tragic. I had porridge with berries and sunflower seed butter in the garden, but it didn't help.

We managed to pop to the local shops and then I got lunch going before some friends dropped by. They'd just cycled over 30 miles, which made me feel like even more of a useless blob! Lunch was a real yummy treat - it was supposed to be Friday night's dinner! Homemade burgers with roasted sweet potato, parsnip and green beans and a kale salad with a dollop of houmus.

We went for a reviving little walk around 5 before getting ready for round four, six friends over for drinks before tapas at Nicholson's. I know! My friend brought round a lovely sparkling Pinot Noir which we enjoyed in the garden with some cashews and spicy peanuts. We had a set menu at Nicholson's, with assorted hams, salads, squid, chicken, chorizo, potatoes, paella... I definitely overindulged. You lose track so easily with all those little plates. I shared a jug of white sangria, but finished drinking after that and switched to water. ENOUGH!

Our friends came back for a few drinks and we called it a night just after midnight. It was a really lovely, relaxed evening.
Today I felt a little more like my old self. I even had a grilled veggie and anchovy frittata to celebrate! Back to the old school.

I cleaned the house, spoke to my Mum and did a Jillian Michaels DVD. A proper weekend morning. For lunch I had leftover kale salad from yesterday with albacore tuna, anchovies and olives. It's felt good to eat clean today.

We took a wander down to the Southsea Food Festival and bought some rose veal which I'm excited to try this week. Then we stopped by Southsea Coffee Co. for a watermelon and coconut water cooler. I just had a nap (still tired) and soon it will be time for dinner and getting ready for the week ahead.
I'm travelling to Cardiff tomorrow, Swindon Thursday then going to York for the weekend straight from work Friday - a six hour drive. I had made plans to see one of my favourite girls on Wednesday, but have learned my lesson from the last few days. I need balance. Today I've felt bloated, tired and tearful. Not good. So, I told my girl we'll have to rearrange and, thankfully, she understood. Time to get some normality back. Still, I have had some fun!
Any trips planned for the week ahead? Whatever you do, have a good one.

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