Saturday, 15 June 2013

Your flexible friend

The title of this post is somewhat ironic. Despite trying not to be, I know I can be pretty inflexible, both physically and when it comes to making plans... The physical bit I keep meaning to address with stretching and yoga (boring!). The mental bit is difficult - I do love a schedule, even on the weekend! I know, I know, it's kind of tragic, but I like to know I'm going to be able to fit everything I need to do in and find some time to relax.

Well, this weekend's schedule went all to pot due to the weather. The schedule was that my Mum and Paul would come over on Sunday to help us plant the garden. Exciting! Except I checked the forecast yesterday and it's for heavy rain all day Sunday. After a couple of quick phone calls I was able to switch them to Saturday, but it's meant changing around all our weekend plans.

So, I've had to be flexible. It hurts a bit, but I'm coping. That's why I'm blogging a bit earlier today. I'm hoping I'll be able to get another post in later on tomorrow, too. Partly to show off the garden, but mainly because next week is cray and I won't be able to post until Thursday... if at all.

Enough of my First World Problems, though. Let's crack on and see what I've been up to this week.

Wednesday dinner was Luann's kale salad with king prawns dipped in egg white and desiccated coconut and fried in coconut oil. It was nice, but, and brace yourselves for this... I think I'm over Luann's kale salad! It's just too sweet for me, especially with the prawns, too. The Boy still loves this meal but I find it a bit sickly and way too sweet now. One for Andy to make for himself.

I also think a sugary dinner like this just makes me crave more sweet stuff. Enter Mrs. Crimble's Chocolate Macaroons. Andy and I keep agreeing not to keep them in the house, but somehow they work their way in every now and then, and when they do, they don't last long. Macaroons - we just can't quit you. So I had two after dinner. They have three types of sugar in the ingredients list, which I try and remind myself as I bite in to their toasty, coconuty yumminess... Banned, I tell you, BANNED! Wednesday was a bit of a fail all round as I couldn't go for a walk either and it was wet, windy and just plain horrid. So, we watched The Apprentice and decided tomorrow was another day.
At least my addictions also include frittatas, a far less toxic affair. It was another mackerel one on Thursday, and having had a fairly early night, I was feeling far more chipper.

I'd been looking forward to Thursday as I had no meetings and could crack on and be productive at work. And productive I was. I got a few things out of the way and off the to do list before meeting with BC for lunch for the first time in weeks.
Lunch was dinner leftovers - the last of the sugar bomb salad. Good riddance!

We managed a walk after, too, so I felt much better. We marvelled at how big the cygnets have got - kinda creepy - and planned our Saturday night...
After work I headed straight out to Real Military Fitness and worked it for an hour. I much prefer the Thursday sessions as there are fewer people, so it's a bit more interactive. We were doing Tabata training - 30 seconds flat-out followed by a rest. I'm feeling it in my abs right now!
I'd been looking forward to dinner all day - an Albacore tuna nicoise salad. This baby had EVERYTHING in there - steamed new potatoes and green beans, a boiled egg, anchovies, black olives, red cabbage, baby salad leaves, tomato, carrot and peppers. So, so good and filling... I'm having it again for lunch today.

Friday started with a shocker - my first ever burnt frittata! It was a three egg and veggie one and quite thick, so I though it needed a good while under the grill. Not so! I still ate every bit though... Mmm, toasty!

Urgh, I'd been dreading Friday. Four meetings back to back from 11-4. What the?! Luckily the 2pm meeting finished 30 minutes early, allowing me to sneak off and enjoy my mackerel salad in peace and even manage a quick walk after around the lake to wake me up. The Boy and I were singing the praises of mackerel salad on the way home. Dang it's good!

I'd been waiting to say hello to this baby all day week. A 'Piece of Ass' cocktail. We headed straight out to Waitrose on foot when we got in to grab some dinner and look for sour mix for our cocktail. They didn't have it, so we substituted with lemon syrup and a drop of soda water.
Mix a shot of Amaretto, a shot of Southern Comfort and a shot of sour mix (in our case, half syrup, half soda water) over ice and a slice. Strong and sweet and one goes to your head pre-dinner. Lovely! Served in jam jars as we don't have decent tumblers. I liked the jam jars!

Meanwhile I chucked this baby in the microwave and also nuked a sweet potato and steamed some kale.

Perfect Friday night no-fuss, Paleo-friendly dinner. No nasties on the ingredient list = guilt free.

Later I felt a bit snacky so had some almonds and a small Eat Natural bar. Again, I think sugary cocktail led to sugary snack. Oh well, it was Friday and it could have been worse. In fact, I was quite proud I stopped at one drink!
So here we are - Saturday! I'm about to do a bit of ironing before meeting my friend for a blustery seaside walk and swinging by the butcher. Fuelling all this pre-12pm activity (and the gardening afterwards!) is three fried eggs served with leftover roast new potatoes and brocolli. A nice change...

Maybe I can be flexible after all!
Ciao for now!
Flexible or rigid?
Probably somewhere in between...

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