Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Walking to stand still

This week has been so busy so far at work that it feels like Thursday at least, so I was surprised at how few photos I have to share from the last few days, but it has only been three! It's my last week in the office before a week off so I'm trying to get everything done and, most of all, trying not to get anything added to my list!

All in all, though, it's been a pretty good week so far, with some exercise and socialising thrown in. I've also come up with a way of trying to still have treats while not going overboard... I'll let you know how that goes! Let's dive in...

Sunday night dinner was our new favourite, salmon with coriander and coconut. The creaminess with a hit of chilli is right up my street, and not too hot for The Boy. We enjoyed steamed samphire, tenderstem broccoli and asparagus on the side. Not a pretty picture, but a tasty one and welcome after a fairly indulgent weekend.

I was still in the mood for a little treat though, and enjoyed some fig and coconut balls with hazelnuts and a Redbush tea a little later.

Monday demanded a return to my more puritanical ways - mackerel frittata got me back on track for the new week.

It was a busy day with meetings all over the place, which was great for getting my steps in. I also managed a walk at lunch time with my friend after tucking in to my salmon salad.

Monday marked two years since my first date with Andy. Aww. As we were away for the weekend and we're doing lots of fun stuff next week, we decided to keep it low key. In fact, we ended up doing some cleaning! But, I did make us one of our all-time favourites - roast chicken dinner. You can't beat it as a week night treat!

We also made time for a stroll along the beach. We cram a lot in to our evenings... no wonder I'm exhausted half the time!
Tuesday breakfast welcomed back my favourite Lidl smoked salmon - sugar free and really light and subtle - to the frittata rotation.

We had a team meeting until 1pm, so I was starving by the time I got to my roast chicken salad. I realised I actually start to get anxious when I'm really hungry. Truly food obsessed!

I went for a late afternoon walk with my friend, Derek. I just have to get out of the office at some point each day.
The evening was busy - I was determined to make it to Real Military Fitness after not getting there last week, then needed to head straight to a friend's house for dinner. I managed it! RMF was good fun and hot! We did about a million lunges and I am really feeling it today. On the plus side my ankle is healing well and didn't hurt at all for the first time in a long time.
I was spoiled at Alex's house - starter was beef salad with ginger and chilli dressing. Really yummy - the dressing also had lime and sesame oil in it.

More meat for the main - pan-fried lamb with fig couscous and Greek salad. That's a dollop of taramasalata on the side. Can't resist the stuff. I also had half a wholemeal pitta to 'clean' my plate with.
I provided pudding - fresh strawberries with cream, or creme fraiche, and strawberry shortbread biscuits.
It was a lovely relaxed evening, and I managed to refrain from drinking. My new 'rule' is I get one meal a week where I eat anything I want and one day a week when I can drink. This week I'll be drinking at a barbecue on Saturday, but eating 'clean', so lastnight was my food splurge night. We'll see how it goes.

Andy walked round to pick me up and walk me home. It ended up being quite a late night, and I was woken up at 4.30am by seagulls! I was not exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I got up this morning! Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday's.

After a few IT issues I finally got down to work and felt like I was making some headway this morning. No meetings was a blessing.
Lunch was one of my current favourites - Albacore tuna salad with avocado, anchovies and olives. Yup, all the things. So yummy.

I also took a little trip to the shops and tried to resist the sales. I succeeded!
I'm having a hungry day today so must love and leave to make dinner before a little walk and The Apprentice. I heart Wednesdays because there's no schedule. Have a good one, peeps.
Do you have a weekday 'schedule'?
RMF on Tuesdays and Thursdays defines my week.

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