Thursday, 20 June 2013

The run around

What a week! I predicted it would be manic and it has been. I worked from home today to try and get my head down and get things in order but even that didn't calm things down! Oh, well, at least the sun is shining after an incredibly dull day and the weekend is in sight.

What have I been up to to get me in this tizzy?

Well, on Monday I was eating a mackerel frittata for breakfast. Admittedly, not too stressful!

Later I cracked open my tinned salmon salad. Still fairly low on the stressometer, although I realised it's a bit smelly and I may have gone off it a bit as a lunch choice. Hmm.

It was quite a busy day at work, but I did manage a lunchtime walk with my friend before leaving a bit early to catch a train to London, where I spent the evening with a very dear, very old friend and her other half.

After enjoying some Cava we walked to a local Thai restaurant, drank red wine and had a good catch-up. It had been too long! Gorgeous vegetable gyoza and a really fresh and tasty salad started us off. I followed this with a very hot beef jungle curry which I forgot to photograph while engrossed in chat!

We ended the evening with an amaretto back at the crib. A few too many drinks for a school night, but it's a rare occasion!

After a restless night's sleep, I started Tuesday in a bit of a fog trying to find my way to the conference centre I was headed for. I got there in good time and inhaled coffee until the break, when I dashed out for some nuts and an apple from Pret a Manger. I hadn't had time for breakfast and it was all brown food at the event.

After it finished I headed to our London office for a meeting and grabbed a chicken and rice noodle soup on the way. It was delish, in a coconut and lemograss broth. It's nice to treat yourself to these fancy lunches when in town!

After my whistlestop tour of the capital I hopped on a train and back to the office for some evening volunteering on the phones for a charity...
By the time I got home at 8pm, I was not going to resist this amazing soda bread our car-sharer had made and kindly given us. Oh my goodness - it was so moist and light, almost like cake. This stuff is dangerous. There's a bit less left now...

Andy made dinner, a lovely, light salmon broth to offset all the naughtiness.
And collapse.
I think Wednesday's frittata deserves a prize for prettiness - the usual roasted vegetables with some spinach and prawns. A nice change. The prawns were really juicy!

It was busy back in the office after a day out, but there's always time for salmon and avocado salad. Loving those colours!

The sun came out for my walk - it was actually hot. That never happens here!

We hadn't seen Andy's parent's in ages, so we headed straight there after work for dinner. They spoiled us, as usual! Two types of HUGE sausages - pork and leek and Cumberland - plus mushrooms, fried onions, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted vegetables and mushy peas.

And if that wasn't enough...

Berries and grapes soaked in brandy (!) with sugar and clotted cream ice cream and clotted cream. Oh yes I did! We got home pretty late in the evening but made time for a stroll in the sultry evening air to get hayfever tablets for Andy and our steps in for our challenge.
This morning I had a big, tasty piece of salmon to use up for breakfast. I got the pan out, but then realised this mother was a bit big for a frittata, so I just warmed through some roasted veggies and kept it simple.

My Christmas cactus has erupted in to one little bloom. Beautiful.

As I worked from home I wanted to make sure I kept hydrated and didn't need to keep going dowstairs to do so. On a whim I added some lemon and lime slices to a jug. Very refreshing.

A morning of IT issues and general frustrations meant I was more than ready for my ready-prepared mackerel salad. A joy, as always.

I popped out for some bits at the butcher and Lidl, during which it decided to rain. Nice. More work followed and I was more than ready to shake a leg after I finished work and get to my fitness class. The sun even came out to play. But... I got there and there was no one there! A couple of other people turned up and waited but the instructors never turned up. So, I ambled home, smelt the roses in the rose garden and watered my garden in the evening sunshine. Not too shabby.
I need to get organised as we're away for the weekend straight from work tomorrow. And the busy week continues! Should be fun though, especially with a trip to Wholefoods. Yes!
Updates on Sunday.
What are your weekend plans?

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