Wednesday, 5 June 2013

So long, Sorrento - Part Two

Buona sera! It's been a bit of a busy week so far since we got back - I'm looking forward to slowing the pace a little for the rest of it after two evenings of homework! But, before I crash in front of The Apprentice, I've promised you an update on the rest of my Italian adventure!

Friday started with a heartier breakfast... I'd been getting hungry and missing my protein, so a full English, Italian-style, was in order. I'm such a tourist! But, it really hit the spot and I did enjoy the white toast coated in butter... Bad Paleo dieter!

As it was the day of the wedding, we took it easy and just strolled around town.
We checked out what looked like an old mill right down in a crevass below the town. Weird and a bit creepy, but also very cool!
And I just had to get a picture of these giant lemons. Unreal! And, everywhere in this town!

Before we knew it, out tummies were rumbling and we headed to a quiet spot I'd seen when I went to get my manicure earlier in the day. We sat in a peaceful garden surrounding a gorgeous house, which was converted in to a restaurant, and enjoyed the tranquility.

I was all for ordering pizza, but then this tuna salad caught my eye. It was good...

But I was still very jealous of Andy's ham and aubergine 'bouquet'. Luckily he shared a bit... The dough was so light and chewy. Mmm... and I must cook aubergine more!
Then we had to head off and make ourselves look pretty for the big event at 5pm.
Our friends got married in the cloisters by the seafront. It was a beautiful setting... but the skies were a little ominous...

...and the inevitable happened! Luckily, I was prepared with my glamorous umbrella!

They bravely soldiered on and got themselves hitched!

And the sun shone on them after all. I love this picture. A gorgeous couple, and look at that bouquet.

The wedding breakfast was just a few steps away at a very fancy hotel called La Favorita. Check out the gorgeous entrance.

I loved the wedding favours - teeny bottles of homemade limoncello with a handwritten message on each. So cute!

The prosecco and wine flowed, so thankfully some more food came along to soak it up after we had our canapes in the lobby.
Parma ham and melon - tasty and light. And love those plates.

Zucchini and prawn risotto - really, really good. I heart risotto.

There was a fish course of sea bass in the middle, but I seem to have missed it! As I said, the wine was flowing...
But I did manage to get my dessert - fruit and ice cream. Fresh and simple.

It was a lovely meal and a great, relaxed atmosphere with friends. And we had some fun with the piano in the lobby pretending to be John and Yoko after... No doubt those photos are on Facebook somewhere!
Our last day in Italy dawned on Saturday and I was feeling pretty okay, considering the festivities. We wanted to make the most of the food and surroundings, so after a simple breakfast in our room (I got Andy breakfast in bed from the cafe! He was a little less 'fresh') we set off for morning coffee by the harbour, where I enjoyed a lovely, proper hot chocolate - thick and cocoa-y.
After some more wandering, we decided to go back to Marina Grande, another harbour, for lunch and go with our B&B owner's suggestion of a restaurant. It did not disappoint.
Mixed antipasti with marinated salmon, grilled vegetables and cold meats, not to mention those emerald green olives.
Then I went cray-cray and had a plate of clam spaghetti. The rich tomato sauce was to die for and I ate every last bite plus dipped bread in the juices. I was more stuffed than I've been in a long time... but it was more than worth it!

A little later we met some friends for gelato back in town at Bar Monnalisa. I was still pretty full but HAD to have more of that hazelnut ice cream before I left, and try their pistachio. And who could resist that face?! Great service, too.

All I can say is, I'll live off of the memory of that ice cream for quite some time. Wow.
I needed a rest after all that indulgence, but was ready for dinner before I knew it. I am a machine! We decided to be decadent on our last night and went to L'Antica, a place that had been recommended by a few people but was in the pricier bracket. Again, we were not disappointed.
An amouse bouche of mozarella and tomato with basil.

Lightly fried zucchini flowers with ricotta. Melted in the mouth.

Orange and ricotta ravioli with seafood. Divine - the orange was so subtle! Mopped up with homemade bread.

Andy wanted to try canolo for dessert and loved it. Served with lemon cream.

And despite me not ordering dessert...

I had the little tart and the chocolate. All washed down with a very nice Fiano. Again, the service was really good, and the atmosphere was lovely. You do have to pay a bit more for this in Sorrento, but it's worth it.
A great, relaxed way to end a chilled out week away... And start a healthy eating regime back home!
Sorrento is nice, but we were ready to come home Sunday. It's really very small - you can get round it all in a day, as there's not a lot to see. It was also very busy with tourists and very expensive. I'd recommend a day or two there, but no more really. That said, we made the most of it and are glad we could share our friends' special day with them.
Back to normal eats for the next post - detox time!
Happy hump day!
Pasta or risotto?
Risotto, particularly seafood, but that ravioli was da shizzle.


  1. Reading this post makes me hungry! :) Tasty and beautiful food!

    1. Reading it back through made my mouth water