Sunday, 2 June 2013

So long, Sorrento - Part One

Wow, I've just had the most indulgent week I've had for a very, very long time. That's what Italy will do to you!

Hello, lovelies, it's good to be back with you all and I'm looking forward to getting back to healthy eats and occasional treats as opposed to 24/7 feasting! But, in order to move on, I feel we need to talk about what exactly went on over the past week...

Bank Holiday Monday became day one of our holiday when we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at The Tenth Hole. We went for our, now customary, lardon salad with new potatoes and boiled egg. I got them to hold the dressing and croutons...

...mainly so I could then enjoy this insanely light and fruity sponge with a crumble topping. That is a normal-size portion, honest... It just looks huge!
Dinner was a more reserved but equally tasty affair - an old favourite I haven't made in a while - green thai chicken soup. I wasn't sure The Boy would be in to it, but he lapped it up, so it's definitely back on the rotation. I'll dig out the recipe link for you.

Then it was early to bed ready to fly to Naples.
We arrived in Sorrento around 3pm on Tuesday, dumped our bags at our lovely little B&B, B&B Dolce Vita and headed straight out for lunch. We stopped right near where we were staying, which was in the centre of everything. Lunch was only so-so - some sad-looking, tiny fried sardines, but we met two lovely American couples and whiled away a few hours drinking wine and chatting. It was a great start to our stay!
We were in town for a wedding and met up with friends in the evening to go to The Foreigner's Club for dinner, a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water. I started with octopus carpaccio, followed with prawn papardelle (not pictured) which was beautifully al dente and fresh.
Wednesday had the best weather forecasted for our stay, so we decided to hit Capri after our breakfast in the local cafe. Andy ate my helping of breakfast buns while I stuck to yoghurt, a peach and some almonds from the mini market.

As predicted, the coffee was amazing, although I mainly stuck to black Americanos. Two coffees and two pastries for 4 euros. An out and out bargain in this city!

This fruit stall was a few steps from our front door. Heaven. The little flat peaches at the front were so sweet and juicy and perfectly ripe.

Capri was pretty, but mainly about the designer stores and people-watching. We couldn't afford the former, but did plenty of the latter over a very nice (but, again, costly!) lunch in one of the little side street cafes. I enjoyed grilled veggies with cheese and greens.

Then we caught a bus to the top of the island, Ana Capri. A very scary ride on a packed little bus winding round twisting roads with sheer drops! Fed up of tourists pushing us about, we headed to a quieter spot and found this gem once we got up there.

And this stairway...

Which took us all the way back to the marina (you can see the dock sticking out in the water in the picture above). It was such a great find! They're called the Phoenician Steps but we'd never heard of them.
800 steps later this lemon grove directed us to an ice cream parlour in the harbour where they used the lemons growing there to make their ice cream and sorbet. No need to twist our arms. I had a lovely, tart lemon sorbet.

We ended the day dining at the local harbour, Marina Grande. I had a nice fish stew and grilled veggies, but they weren't very filling so I ended up buying potato chips on the way back! Fail!
Thursday we met up with our friends Alex and Chris bright and early at the train station to hit the sights of Pompei. Our very nice B&B owner warned us it was pricey, so The Boy and I took some healthy treats as a packed lunch. I had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast again and enjoyed an apple, some almonds and a tuna salad while mooching around the ruins.
It's a fascinating site, but very big and my calfs were aching from the walking the day before, plus my ankles were still not great after my weekend fall. Still, we managed four hours before heading back to Sorrento for some much deserved refuelling.

More gelato - this time pineapple sorbet and coconut ice cream.

And, as the sun was shining, we felt we should celebrate with a cocktail or two. I had one with limoncello, Andy had a Piece of Ass! It was really good! It's Amaretto, Southern Comfort and lemon. We bought a bottle of each spirit to recreate it at home!

I then suggested Andy try an Amazonia. Hmm, not quite so sure!

All that drinking made me hungry again, so I decided now was the perfect time to try a canolo, of Sopranos fame. It was good, but the free ice cream that came with it was mind-blowing! Real chunks of hazelnut, so rich and creamy... Heaven.

It was the night before the wedding, so about sixty of us met in a local restaurant that did a great set menu for 15 euro. An amazing price for Sorrento and good quality, too. I had mussels to start, grilled sea bass and salad for my main and a bit of lemon cake for pudding -  I donated the rest to the boy.
So far, so good... round two of the round up tomorrow! Hope you've had a good weekend.
What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
It was pistachio, but hazelnut may now have the edge...


  1. I just stumbled across your blog! The pastries (okay all of the food) look delicious! I'm looking forward to reading more! :)

    1. I'm glad you found me! It was all delicious... And irresistible!