Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's good to share

Morning lovelies. What a beautiful day - the sun is shining, there's a soft breeze blowing through the window as I type and I'm watching the Arctic Monkeys' Glastonbury set that I forgot to watch lastnight. Have I ever told you how much I heart the Monkeys? It's a lot. Them and Kanye West - all poets. They're touring in the autumn and I am DYING to get tickets. Wish me luck!

In other news, it's been a bit of a trying week. There's been a meltdown or two and I've cried at dogs on TV. Yep, we're a bit overtired over here and realising we need to slow things down a bit and not try and do everything. Thank goodness I have a week off staycationing at home next week. What timing!

So, I'm sharing how I feel with you, but a number of people have also been sharing with me this week... must be something in the air. I'm carrying a lot of new information round in my head, but that's cool. I like to think people trust me and want to tell me stuff, and I'm a good listener... and sharer, it seems. Why not - I truly believe our worries seem a lot less scary once we blurt them out to someone.

With that said, let's re-rewind and see how we've ended up here.

Wednesday was when things reached a bit of a low point. I was worn out. We enjoyed grilled pork chops with steamed cabbage and asparagus and nuked sweet potato in the garden. I really want to make the most of the garden this summer and take every opportunity to enjoy it.

The plan was to go for a walk with Andy after. But I just couldn't motivate myself. I needed some me time on the sofa. So, off he went while I enjoyed gorgeous lavender dark chocolate I bought from the food festival last weekend. And then some sweet potato chips. I needed to just veg out and be.

Thursday I awoke a little more refreshed and ready for my usual fare - a mackerel frittata.

I was on the countdown to holidays and had a lot to get through on the to do list at work. Lunch was grabbed 'al desko' - tinned salmon (the last of it to be used up) and avocado salad. I wolfed it down so I'd get a chance to meet The Boy for a quick stroll before a meeting.

Instant mood-lifter right there.

After Wednesday night's self indulgent mood I was not having any nonsense from myself. So, despite it pouring with rain, I made a last minute decision to don my workout gear and walk to bootcamp. I was convinced it would be cancelled, but that didn't matter. I had to try! In fact, I arrived just in time to see the van drive away because no one had turned up! I didn't mind too much. I'd had a walk and made the effort.
It meant the evening was a little less rushed, and I prepared lunch, breakfast vegetables and our dinner. It was a simple affair - roasted sweet potatoes and green beans, smoked haddock and steamed spinach. We enjoyed it. And it continued to rain, so no dinner outdoors! We watched cute dogs, I cried, all was well.

The final day in the office dawned and we wanted to get in early to get a head start on Friday. I didn't fancy any extras in my frittata, just eggs and vegetables.

I worked my way through the list of stuff to get done, crossing it off as I went along. Love crossing stuff off the list! I had a welcome break for lunch with BC, and was loving my mackerel salad, as always. We took a little trip to the shops for some fresh air.

I managed to get all but one thing done before I left, which was pretty good going. Even so, it still took me a good while to wnd down after we left. All those 'Did I do that?' thoughts. I'm just about starting to relax now!
We grabbed some treats from Waitrose for dinner - I got some bargain plaice for about 60p! I accompanied it with samphire and steamed broccoli, carrots and butternut squash. It was nice, but not filling enough, so I had some nuts and root vegetable chips after.

Oh, and a sneaky cocktail. It was the start of my holiday after all...

The Boy was out at a gig, so it was early to bed and early to rise. Today I'm feeling fresh and ready. And my breakfast was fresh and ready in seconds - a fried egg, mackerel fillet and roasted vegetables. Love this. A nice change.

After a long beach walk enjoying some Arctic Monkeys on the iPod, I was ready for an iced coffee. This maple walnut coffee from Whole Foods is da shiz.

And now I'm still enjoying the AM set and feeling good. Ready for a barbecue with a very good friend later and seeing my Mum. A good day lies ahead, a good week in fact. I hope the same goes for you my friends. We can only appreciate the highs when we have a few dips.
Who's your favourite artist/band?

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