Sunday, 16 June 2013

Instant gratification

The best things come to those who wait, but if you're anything like me, you're quite pleased if they come that bit quicker. I've been very much indulged this weekend with food and being looked after by my nearest and dearest.

Exhibit A

My Mum and Paul transformed my garden for me yesterday.  Here's what it looked like in March, before the first phase of it's transformation a few days later here. Yesterday was the nice bit - the greenery.

I'm not at all green-fingered. Luckily, Paul, my Mum's other half, is a Landscape Gardener. So they suggested these beautiful Red Robins to give me some privacy.

Just before they moved in.
And I removed the nets and let them bust out.

So, so pretty. I love their little red tops.

My Mum also bought along an assortment of plants, including a climbing rose, jasmine to climb up the pergola and lots and lots of lavender. I could not be happier. Now we need to keep the new arrivals very well-watered for the next few weeks as they settle in. I look forward to evenings spent watering the garden and admiring it. We bought a bird feeder today, too. Love it!

While the garden's been feeding my soul, I've made sure my body is equally well-provided for, as have my nearest and dearest.

Exhibit B

Saturday lunch was another bumper tuna salad with anchovies. These take me about twenty minutes to get through. I'm clearly part of the slow food movement!

Later I made my way to my friend Rachael's for dinner. I was shattered after the gardening and more than ready for some pink fizz to celebrate.

Rach always spoils me, and did not dissapoint with this lamb shank curry served with spinach, cauliflower and sweet potato. Hot hot hot and oh so tasty.

But the true treat came after. I've been waiting to try this homemade chocolate cheesecake for a long time. Amazing! Rich, but not overbearing. Perfectly biscuity and creamy. I had to have a second slice, just to check. Winning.

In an effort to burn some of our dinner and drinks off, we had a lounge disco which lasted until 2.30am. I NEVER stay up that late anymore! It was great fun, and meant I got 5000 steps in for the day before I even woke up, but it did floor me for the day today. I'm so old!
When I got home I immediately whipped up a grilled veggie and potato frittata to fuel up ready for my chores. The veggies are frozen from Waitrose, you just fry them up for instant grilled veg.
A few hours of toil later, I was ready for this colourful turkey salad before we headed to the shops for some bits and pieces, including a bird feeder. I want to make my new garden and bee, bird and butterfly hangout!
After the shops I had a little disco nap then we strolled to Nicholsons for an early Sunday night dinner - a treat from The Boy. How lucky am I? Hair of the dog came in the form of some Sangria.

I was super-hungry and enjoyed some paella tapas...

 ...with this grilled chicken and fries. I never eat fries - total hangover meal!
I was even up for dessert - vanilla ice cream with amaretto, espresso and amaretto biscuits. It was nice, but not a big portion. So I had some chocolate cookies when we got home, too!

What a weekend. I'd like to say I'll be back on the healthy eating wagon tomorrow, but next week is manic. Staying in London with an old friend tomorrow night, out straight from work Tuesday and Wednesday night then straight off for a weekend away on Friday! All this will involve eating Vietnamese, bangers and mash and visiting Disney World aka Wholefoods. Wish me luck!
I hope to blog on Thursday. Hope you've had a good weekend!

What's your hangover food craving?
Bread and chips. CARBS!

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