Sunday, 12 May 2013

The gourmet's guide to Greece: part two

Hello, hello, hello! I have a confession to make... I totally meant to post yesterday... and totally forgot! In fact, I had a nap instead. Bad blogger! In my defense I had spent four hours spring cleaning the house...

Anyway, here I am, raring and ready to share the rest of my holiday with you. I left off at Greek Easter Sunday and our coastal adventure.

Monday was another relaxed morning at the crib. We said hi to the neighbours...

  ...and took some time to smell the roses.

So pretty. We set off in to Athens a bit later to hit The Acropolis. Unfortunately, it closed at 3pm due to the holiday - we arrived at 3.30pm. No matter, I knew a cute little lunch spot nearby with views of the rock and good food. After being the designated driver on Saturday, I was ready for some afternoon drinking.
Hello, rose.

I went for grilled burgers with Greek salad. Simple and effective.

A little birdy came to join us.

And for dessert. Mojitos! These were very good. I had a second just to check, though...

We wandered back to the car via Monasteraki, an area full of tourist shops, and came across this pretty church. Love those colours. You had to cover up to go in, and as I was in shorts, I stayed outside and posed with The Boy.

Later we met up with my Dad and a friend in Glyfada at Applebee's for a few cocktails. I indulged in my favourite Perfect Margarita. They're meant for two people but no one wanted to share. And, as it was Happy Hour, I got two. Yep, I was pretty tipsy by the end.
Good job my friend took us for souvlaki to soak it up. Chicken souvlaki for me - chicken, tzatziki and salad wrapped in soft pitta. Perfect end to the day! And the pitta didn't seem to cause any problems.

So, as our final day dawned on Tuesday, we headed back to the Acropolis so our friends could experience it. I worked out it was my eighth visit so could be excused for being a bit blase!
I said goodbye to the family, enjoyed a spinach pie and custard pie (sooooooooo good!) for the road and headed back home to England.
Dinner was okay on the plane - chicken and veg with some fruit. I'd recommend the low calorie option on BA if you don't want a load of creamy sauce etc.

So, I'm back and here's a quick round-up of my foodie highlights this week:
First breakfast back on Wednesday and right back on track with mackerel, egg and sweet potato.

Mackerel salad.

Winner, winner, roast chicken dinner, a reward for making it through the first day back at work.
Double yolk set the right tone for Thursday's smoked salmon frittata.

Roast chicken leftovers in my salad.

Sumptuous salmon and king prawn risotto at my friend's house.
With meringue, creme fraiche and berries for dessert. A lovely spread.

Chicken frittata Friday starter.

Tinned salmon salad.

 Homemade burgers with salad and roasted sweet potato and mushrooms. And a cheeky cider. Yay! Which gave me a tummy ache. Boo.

More of the same for breakfast (I'm beginning to think I need to change things up!)

Tuna salad.

Steamy grilled pork chops with steamed veggies, roast sweet potato and a yummy homemade apple and leek sauce. I chopped up two small leeks, four apples that had gone soft and added a tot of brandy, some cinammon and pepper. Simmered for 40 minutes. Delish and not too sweet.
I think that's enough for now! Back tomorrow evening, and back on my usual schedule. Will try not to fall asleep!

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