Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The gourmet's guide to Greece: part one

...or 'how I ate my bodyweight in lamb last weekend.'

Yes, I'm back! Hello! How are you? I'm good - tired, but happy to be reminiscing about my wonderful holiday in Athens...

I got back late lastnight and it was straight to work today, so I'm pretty beat, but I wanted to share a few highlights with you now, and some more later in the week. So, without further ado.

I totally forgot I have a 'low calorie meal' option ticked on my British Airways profile. Turns out, it was no bad thing as I enjoyed roast salmon with spinach and tomato and some yummy salad and fruit for lunch on the way out on Thursday...

While the boys tucked in to the complimentary wine on the way, I had to stay sober to get us to my grandparent's summer house in the sticks. I made up for my sacrifice with this lovely cheap, sweet red when we got there. It comes in plastic bottles, costs 2.50 euros and tastes like sunshine. Win.
We snacked on breadsticks, olives and vine leaves, among other things, and toasted our trip.

I'll admit I felt a bit rough the next day (Friday), not so much from the booze, but from the wheat after a month of strict Whole 30. So I went back to basics with an omelette with tomato and rocket for breakfast.

The view from the terrace. Those are olive, lemon and fig trees. We had fresh lemons during our trip, and our friend made lemon and ginger fizz and limoncello. Amazing!

It was hot hot hot, so Friday was a beach day followed by dinner at a local fish taverna, right on the beachfront, with our toes in the sand. We feasted on octopus, mussels, whitebait, prawns, kalamari... You name it.
Saturday afternoon we headed in to town after a morning on the terrace. I go myself a mani-pedi and then a Strawberry Tarragon cocktail to match. It was lovely - just the right blend of tart and sweet.

We were in a good spot, so we stayed for lunch. Turkey burgers with grilled vegetables. Simple and satisfying. They had a great menu with lots of healthy options at Baron in Glyfada. Definitely going back.

Saturday night was family time, with a trip to church for the midnight celebrations for the Resurrection, followed by a feast at my auntie's - a soup made from lamb's offal (much nicer than it sounds!) followed by the lamb meat itself. Then they made the boys do some Greek dancing before we headed to a fashionable bar with my cousins for a drink. It was 3am by the time we got home.
The next day, Sunday, Andy and I went over to my other auntie's for round two - another lamb, roasted outdoors on a spit. It tasted fantastic but by the end of that meal I was done with lamb for a while. We headed to pick our friends up and drive down the coast to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. The monument itself was closed for Easter Sunday, so I grabbed a yoghurt and berry ice cream and admired the views.

It's a good thing it's so pretty there, as our hire car broked down and my Dad's cousin had to come and rescue us! Luckily the limoncello was ready when we got back and we drowned our sorrows.
Part two coming up at the weekend lovelies!
Favourite liquer?
Limoncello of course!


  1. wow, it looks beautiful! what a fun weekend!

  2. It was amazing. Definitely needed longer!