Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let it all out

Good evening, all. I hope you're feeling good? We made it to Wednesday, and that's all we can ask.

I just got off the phone after speaking to my Mum for an hour. If I've had a rough day, I always want to speak to her, and she always makes me feel better. I walked and talked - enjoying the seaside at the same time. It was the perfect antidote to a stressy day.

I hope your day's been calmer but, just in case, here's a soothing picture you can while away a few minutes over.

Guaranteed to feed the soul - chicken soup with veggies and rosemary was Monday's dinner. Altogether now, 'Ahh....'.

We watched a new drama, The Fall. It was good, but a little slow. We've decided to stick with it, though. The fact that the serial killer in it is pretty easy on the eye is not a motivator for me. Nope.
I just couldn't resist a little decoration for Tuesday's mackerel and vegetable frittata. My Chinese orchid has been flowering for about a year now, but they're slowly dropping off. So beautiful and delicate.

It rained all day here yesterday, so I went a bit stir-crazy stuck inside at work. I did manage to order some new shoes, though. Hey, a girl needs cheering up! And I did get some for Andy, too.
Lunch was leftover chicken and an assortment of yummy, crunchy vegetables. Another bright spot in a grey day.

Call me a wimp, but I was not about to attempt Military Fitness class in the driving wind and rain. So, I got my Jill on after work (Jillian Michaels, that is!) with a DVD! It's been soooo long. Sadly I didn't really get into it like I used to. I guess I much prefer outdoor, group exercise now. I've definitely changed a lot in that respect as I used to hate group exercise. Hopefully I'll make it to class tomorrow.

The scene in my 'home gym':

All that hard work could only really be rewarded one way. Grilled rib eye steak with steamed brocolli and spring greens and baked sweet potato. The steak came out perfect - medium rare and so tender. I grilled on high for 5 minutes on one side, 4 on the other then turned off the heat and let them rest for 10 minutes. Perfection. Impatience usually gets the better of me but the resting really is key.

This morning I went for anchovies on the frittata. I heart them. They were also in my chicken salad yesterday. Who knows where they'll turn up next?!

Here's my new office space - we moved to 'dynamic working' recently, which means we don't have our own desks and keep our stuff in a locker. I love it mainly because I can crank the desk up high and stand at it. So much better for you than sitting all day.

Lunch was ham and avocado salad before popping out to an appointment.

We were due to go out for dinner with friends tonight, but my friend wasn't feeling well, so we've postponed. Instead we went to Waitrose (fancy supermarket) and each picked what we wanted for dinner. Goan fish curry awaits me! I also need to make lunches, some peppermint creams for work and then it's time for The Apprentice. I better get to it!

Who do you always call after a rough day?

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