Saturday, 18 May 2013

Keep your cool

Good Saturday afternoon to you all. I must say, it's been one of those weeks and today hasn't really been much better! Work was stressy, I wasn't able to get to military fitness and, today, my new fridge wouldn't fit in it's new home and I have four people over for dinner later and a big grocery delivery due! First world problems, all, but not exactly conducive to relaxation. On the plus side, I've had some lovely walks, had fun with friends last night at Rock and Roll Bingo and had a nice lunch out today with my lovely boyfriend. Sunshine and showers - much like our May weather!

Wednesday night's ready-made dinner was pretty tasty! I love Waitrose's Goan fish curry and, best of all, it's Paleo-friendly. I served with with steamed vegetables, including spinach and butternut squash.

Thursday morning was anchovy frittata time.

More yummy fish at lunch in the form of my absolute favourite, mackerel salad with olives. My morning at work was ridiculous in terms of dealing with difficult individuals. Luckily I met up with BC and could vent and, ultimately, laugh about it.

I was impressed with BC's lunch, so took a picture. Artichoke - fancy!

Then we went for a walk and the swan babies made my heart sing. There are no words for this level of fluff.
The stress of the day was further shifted by an after-work walk. Real Military Fitness was cancelled - boo. I need to get back in the swing of it!
The Boy was out so I made a simple prawn stir fry for dinner.
It was good, but not really filling enough, and the leftover dark chocolate from making these babies proved far too tempting... not helped by a glass or two of wine. Toxic combination after a hard day and no exercise class. Fail!

Friday morning saw me determined to get back on the healthy eating wagon with a nice, safe salmon frittata.

But then I was faced with this at work...

Of course, ever sensible, I bought my salad in - tinned salmon with anchovies - and only had a couple of cheese and pineapple sticks...

But later in the afternoon, the sweets got the better of me. Sigh.
Dinner was gorgeous, and all the better as it was made by Andy and shared with BC. Accompanied by more wine - drying out next week! We had cod wrapped in parma ham with lemon mayonnaise and steamed broccoli and asparagus. So fresh and tasty and salty and zingy.
We lolled around on the sofa and laughed at Sh*t Girls Say before heading over to Rock and Roll Bingo at around 10pm - my usual bedtime! It was good fun, and The Boy even won a round! Just what I needed after the working week.
This morning I tried some frozen chargrilled vegetables from Waitrose that had been recommended to me. I got them to keep for emergencies when I haven't had a chance to roast my veggies. I served them with some salmon and a sweet potato. It was good, but I did miss my frittata. What's wrong with me! The veggies are great for a quick meal and cook from frozen in no time.

After BC went on her merry way, I skipped out for a walk. It was a beautiful morning.

Yarn-bombing. Love it!

So, we got the fridge to fit in the end, but it involved pulling some of the floor up! I thought we were going to have to send it back, and they'd already taken my old fridge to dispose of. Argh! Not what we needed, but we survived!

We celebrated over lardon salads at The Tenth Hole.

Now I need to prepare for my guests! It's nearly cocktail time... Yep, Monday is when the detox starts!
Have a wonderful weekend all.
Ever had an appliance/furniture fail like mine?
When we moved in we thought we weren't going to get my bed in my new bedroom at first! We got it there in the end, though. Stress!

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