Monday, 20 May 2013

Enjoying the Sea Breeze

It's Monday evening and I'm tired already! To be fair, it's the weekend still in effect and punishing me for two late nights on the booze. How are you? I hope the weekend treated you well? I had a lovely time, and caught up with lots of wonderful people, so at least my sleepiness is in a good cause. One more early night should sort me out I hope! It doesn't help that work has been quite intense... but just four more days to go before a week off. We can do this!

Saturday I was entertaining, celebrating the new garden with the friends who helped me make it beautiful. It was even warm enough to enjoy some Prosecco on the deck for a while before dinner!

I wanted to concentrate on hanging out with my loved ones rather than slaving over the cooker, so I made a very easy self-assembly meal of marinated grilled lamb cubes, Greek salad, warm pittas and dips, including homemade tzatziki. It went down really well and was so easy to do.

I bought four lamb steaks and marinated them for a few hours in olive oil, rosemary sprigs, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. I grilled them for four minutes each side then cubed them and kept them warm in the oven while warming the pittas through.
Greek salad was beef tomatoes, peeled  and chopped cucumber, red onion, green pepper and cubed feta with olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano, salt and pepper. I always get complimented on my Greek salads.
I made tzatziki using this recipe (could have done with more garlic for me) and bought hummus, salsa and taramasalata. LOVE taramasalata!
The production line method worked for drinks, too...
I enjoyed Prosecco, followed by some Sauvignon Blanc then Sea Breezes - Grey Goose vodka, cranberry juice and fresh lime. Mmm!
It was a great evening, very relaxed, ending with my friend's amazing apple crumble with cream. Perfect!
Sunday morning rolled around, as did the housework. I couldn't resist using up the lamb on my frittata for breakfast!

In the afternoon we went to Andy's nephew's birthday party, which was really nice. I enjoyed some salad, a burger and two sausages. I was trying to be good and resist the cakes after an indulgent few days. I was getting really tired by now, but went for a walk when we got back as I knew it would make me feel better than flaking on the sofa. It was a lovely, mild evening.
More meat for dinner! I've been craving it actually, but need to tone it down a bit! Kept it simple - grilled rib eye steak with steamed greens and tzatziki.

Back to fish this morning with my mackerel frittata.

But then a little bit of meat in my very tasty ham salad.

What a day. I've had my walk and now it's time to make dinner and lunches then catch up with a new show we're in to. Bed at 10pm. That's an order!
What time do you get to bed? How much sleep do you need?
I try to be in bed by 10.30... I need seven and a half hours ideally. I tend to get six and a half to seven.

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