Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy Easter!

No, I haven't finally lost it - I'm heading over to Greece tomorrow where it just happens to be their Easter this weekend. They go by the Orthodox Church calendar. No, I don't really know what that means... and I don't much care. What I do know it means is food, fun and sun with friends and family. Always good!

This means I won't be around here for a week or so - there ain't no wifi at my grandparents' summer house and I'm quite up for unplugging for a week and sinking cocktails on the terrace instead.

So, without further ado, let's round up the week before I head in to the sun...

After my adventures in the city on Monday, I worked from home Tuesday to knuckle down on my work project. Smoked salmon frittata kicked off the LAST DAY OF MY WHOLE 30. I ain't gonna lie to ya, by this time deprivation was starting to get a little old.

After an hour and a half on a conference call, I treated myself to an iced coffee. I'm getting quite in to these of late. Black, of course.

Not much later it was time to break for lunch. Mackerel salad with Kalamata olives and samphire, if you please. Drizzled with anchovy-infused olive oil. Yeah, you read right.

Off I trotted for a seaside walk. The sun was shining but there's still a definite spring chill in the air here. Good job it's 30 degrees C in Athens. Just sayin'...
Work-wise, it was a slightly frustrating day as I kept getting distracted from the main task at hand, so I felt a bit deflated come finishing up time. But, a good workout soon made me forget my worries, and as I lay on the grass stretching at the end, staring up at the sky, I felt very lucky to enjoy an al fresco workout with nice people.
My slow cooker had also been putting in some overtime. I switched it on at 3pm having layered two chopped pork steaks, a sliced apple, sliced parsnip, thyme, a few dates and a sliced leek. I also added some cinnamon and pepper and covered about half way with water. Cooked for five hours and served with steamed spring greens and carrots. Delicious.

This morning the sun shone yet again and it was Groundhog Day at breakfast, too.

The Whole 30 is OVAH, so I went totally cray and had an apple.
The race was on to get all my work done, so there wasn't much time to stop and enjoy my coconut prawn salad, lovingly prepared by The Boy.

No time for a walk sadly, but I did manage to sneak in a chocolate coconut macaroon or three. Hey, it's vacation already, right?
And to celebrate the fact, we each had a cheeky Moscow Mule with dinner - vodka, fresh lime and ginger beer.

They went down a treat with grilled rib eye steak, rocket and parmesan salad and roasted parsnip, sweet potato and mushrooms. Nearly got through the parnsips!

There's been a Gu Chocolate Orange Pot waiting in the fridge for me for some time...

It didn't make it to midnight.

Packing done - took me less than half an hour, it's now time to relax for a bit and think of sun and fun.
Missing you already!
Where's your next vacation?

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