Saturday, 25 May 2013

Feelin' crabby

Hi, lovelies. Sorry for the lack of a mid-week appearance - I was out and about eating fun stuff so I could take pictures for your viewing pleasure. Always working hard for ya.

It's been a busy week, with some highs and lows, so I thought I'd give you the edited highlights rather than every meal. I mean, you already knew I had fritatta for breakfast and some kind of fishy salad for lunch, right? Let's get straight to the main event...

Winning dinners

Tuesday was all about the refuel after a tough Real Military Fitness class. It was good to be back! Pork sausages and sweet potato mash and steamed green beans, made by The Boy. Even sweeter.

Wednesday was a special occasion - dinner with one of my best gals at Relentless Steak and Lobster, a restaurant I've been dying to try for a long time. On Wednesday you buy one main get one free. Rude not to. You do each have to buy two courses, but it still worked out very reasonable at £20 each, including a glass of wine for me (stressful week!).
I started with King scallops. They were huge and juicy and the chilli oil was divine. If I'd been home alone I would have licked the plate. Just sayin'.

The main event was a whole crab with a half pint of prawns and new potatoes. So much food! The crab was good, but the prawns were the surprise highlight. Really, really tasty. I'll go back for those alone. Win. It did take me about an hour to eat, though! And there was a whole lotta mess. Good job BC knows me well. Not a first date meal! Her lamb looked really good, too.

Thursday dinner followed another really tough training session - running up and down a steep hill had my knees begging for mercy. Once again, Andy came to my rescue with grilled pork chops, steamed greens and broccoli and leftover homemade apple, leek and brandy sauce I froze from our recent batch. I'll definitely be making more of that. I also added some sweet potato after.

Last night was dinner for one as Andy is on a stag weekend. I treated myself to Waitrose's Goan fish curry. God, it's good. So, so creamy. I enjoyed a glass of Sauv Blanc with it, as well as spinach and sweet potato. Later I snacked on an apple and some cashews and fell asleep on the sofa. Welcome to the weekend.

Non-food related highlights of the week... Yes, I do have them!
A new shopping centre opened on the doorstep at work. We went to investigate on Thursday and were rewarded with free Prosecco in Marks and Spencer for our troubles. Twice. Nice.

As we were working out on Thursday night the sun came out, it started raining, and then a rainbow appeared. Sums up why I don't do gyms.

I headed back to the new shopping centre on Friday (yep, it's a slippery slope) and treated us to these placemats. Sooo cute. The Chihuahua on the white mat looks like Lola!
Work was busy as it was my last day before a week off, and followed a crazy week. Good job I had a deep tissue massage booked for 6pm. It was good. I'm even a bit bruised but I did ask her to be firm. I have a lot of kinks to iron out!
And then, to top it off, Will Smith was on the Graham Norton Show singing the Fresh Prince theme tune, before bringing on Carlton to do the Carlton dance to 'It's not unusual'. Does life get any better?
Oh, go on then, this morning's frittata.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!
PS. Someone found my blog by typing 'Can I be fit and still chocolate love' in to their search engine! Genius. Jury's out!
Massages - gentle or scream-worthy?
No pain, no gain.

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