Thursday, 11 April 2013

Take two

It's Thursday... which means tomorrow is Friday. This makes me happy and I'm sure it makes you happy, too!

Things are finally looking up. I'm still nowhere near 100%, but I'm getting better every day. Today is the first time I hit 10000 steps this week! It's the little things. I'm still finding myself very sleepy come the evenings after a full day at work, but I made it in to the office three days in a row and that's progress.

I find it so hard to reign myself in and not try and do too much too soon, but, to be honest, this cold has forced me to slow down because I have no choice! Fingers crossed, come Sunday, we'll take our second attempt at shopping in Brighton and win!

So, what have the last three days looked like?

Tuesday started with a frittata with anchovies and some freshly chopped pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon. Breakfast really is one of my favourite parts of the day - peaceful, tasty food and before anything has had the chance to annoy me!

Work was tough. I felt quite disoriented and a bit anxious after a few days away. Strange, but true. It was nice to see everyone and be back in the real world, but was also quite exhausting.
Lunch was a welcome relief - chicken salad with apple and almonds. Then I popped out to drop some forms off. I've applied to mentor young people and have to have criminal record checks done.

I made it through the rest of the day and arrived home totally spent. Exercise was certainly not on the cards, but a snack was before I tackled some cleaning. I've been extra hungry all week! Who knows why, but I've decided I need to feed my recovery. So I had a carrot, almonds and some ham.

Dinner was one we don't have often but I LOVE when we do. Pan-fried lamb's liver with onion, mushroom and bacon. Served with steamed asparagus and green beans and a sweet potato. Loved this.

For some reason, getting up on Wednesday was even tougher. It was one of those moments when the alarm went off and you think 'That's not right!'. My new favourite breakfast mustered some enthusiasm...

As did meeting my favourite girl for lunch and catching up on the gossip over my tuna salad. Two cheeky plums came to the party, too.

It was a grey, rainy cold evening which made our grilled trout and avocado salad for dinner look a little out of place... It was a nice change, though. One to repeat when the weather bucks up!

Still hungry! Hello apple and cinnamon.

Then we ventured out in to the miserable night to meet my cousin and her husband at a lovely pub which had a roaring fire going. I sat right next to it and stayed cosy all night, catching up with two of my favourite people in the world. There was lots to talk about. I still felt really tired, but overall the evening was a tonic and perked me up. Yay for family. Love them.
Slight change on breakfast this morning - gorgeous smoked salmon on the frittata. And, the last of the pineapple - the fruit that just keeps giving!

I cracked on at work and dug in to this luscious prawn salad with apple and dates for lunch before going for not one but two walks! With two different men! Okay, so one was Andy... I'm slowly upping the steps, but still feel wiped out rather than reinvigorated after. It was a nice sunny afternoon, so it felt good to make the most of it.

Since then I've caught up on a ton of ironing and now it's time to make dinner. And it's 8pm already!
Have a good evening lovelies. Catch you Saturday!
What's for dinner tonight?
We're having pan-fried salmon with rosemary and anchovy sauce and steamed brocolli and asaparagus.

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