Thursday, 18 April 2013

Speedy check in

Just a quickie to keep you going!

It's been a good week, back on form, been to Real Military Fitness (RMF) twice and spent time with friends. I've also enjoyed being able to stand at my desk in our new office layout. The desks are height adjustable. It causes quite the stir when I crank my desk up in the morning!

So, Tuesday morning... The usual smoked salmon frittata with all the fixings, please!

Then I met me colleague and we scooted up to Swindon for some meetings.
I made time for my prawn salad and a little walk in to the town centre. The sun was shining.

And it continued to shine as I headed off to RMF, which made things marginally easier as we ran up and down hills, lifting weights. I love it really! It was such a gorgeous evening I walked back along the seafront to soak it all in.
It was Andy's turn to come down with this horrible bug, but that didn't stop him whipping up one of my staples, which was ready when I got home - ginger broth with salmon and pak choy. The Boy did good! I'm gonna teach him all my recipes and start putting my feet up!

Now, Wednesday was a bit of a blogging disaster, because the photo uploader won't load a picture of my salmon salad lunch and I was a bad blogger and forgot to snap the feast I made for my friends lastnight!
Namely, homemade salsa and guacamole with wholemeal tortilla chips to start followed by Nom Nom Paleo's Fiona's Phenomenal Green Chicken (from the app) with mango salsa and coconut rice (I had sweet potato). Phew! With a side of wedding talk and general gossip. No, not my wedding - my friend's I'm going to in Sorrento in May. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Not to worry, we'll skip to today. This was a salmon fillet flaked on my frittata. I ate it while admiring the freesias my friend gave me.
 Here's that chicken, leftover-style in a salad. So tasty. The 'green' in the title is a marinade full of zingy, fresh flavours, the colour of grass.
Oh, there it is again! My pre-workout snack.

And off I trotted to RMF again. My friend and I had our first fit of the giggles at this one. Hilarious. I also managed to catapult a kettle bell in to the air. It was fun, and the sun shone. What more can you ask for?

I arrived home to Shepherd's Pie and now it's time for a nice cup of Redbush.

What's your after dinner drink?
Usually a Redbush tea, on a drinking day, tawny port.

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