Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rip it up...

...and start again.

Hello, my name is Jodea and I'm a sugar addict. Despite doing a Whole 30 this month, I've had to admit to myself this week that I'm not doing it right. I'm using fruit as a sugar crutch - a post-meal sweet treat in place of chocolate or wine or anything else I find hard to limit. Don't get me wrong, fruit is not the enemy, but if I want to change the way I eat and break those associations I have with after dinner treats etc, then I need to cut down during my Whole 30. So, you'll be seeing a little less of the sweet stuff around here for the next couple of weeks.

It's been a tough week, feeling tired and still unwell from this weird cold thing. Last night I got home exhausted after a long week and devoured a load of dates, almonds and hazelnuts. Technically allowed on the Whole 30, but not the amount I had! The whole sugar/tiredness thing had been leading up to it really. So, I'm not going to start my Whole 30 again but I am going to stop the snacking, too. Which means bigger meals! Yay! There is a silver lining!

Back to pre-meltdown/rebirth. Thursday's dinner was lush and very much in the salty rather than sweet category. Pan fried salmon with rosemary and anchovy sauce and steamed purple sprouting broccoli, asparagus and samphire. Love this Jamie Oliver recipe and I don't even have to tweak it to make it W30-friendly.

And an apple to follow. Oh, yeah, looks all innocent, doesn't it, the little sugar bomb!

Friday morning arrived AT LAST! And I was starting to feel more like my old self, but still very washed out. Breakfast landed in the form of a smoked salmon frittata plus another sneaky apple...

I worked from home first thing while a nice man fitted our very nice new bathroom door. We had no handle or lock on the old door for longer than I care to remember. It's the small things that make a difference! Now we just need to paint the new door... There's always something!
Once back in the office, I joined some colleagues for lunch. As I got the camera out, I had the urge to snap a picture of Steve's lunch. His Marks and Spencer salad caught my eye and I thought, good for you bringing in your own and avoiding the canteen drudgery. However, when I asked him about it, the full story emerged. It was meant to be part of his dinner the night before, but he ended up going to KFC. So close Steve, but I'm afraid it's a FAIL. I'll let the potato slide, but the cheese and, worst of all, Diet Coke are a no no. Must try harder.

Now, this is a winning lunch. Mackerel salad with a side of plums.

The afternoon went by in a blur. I managed a walk and then we had to sort our stuff out as we're moving to another floor at work. Once there we won't have our own desks, just lockers and caddies to keep our stuff in.
As we had to finish early, I took a walk to Tesco while Andy finished up at work. By the time I got there I was exhausted and tempted to ask him to pick me up (and to buy a cake and eat it there and then)... but then we realised I had the car key, anyway! So, I trudged back, and by the time we got home I was completely worn out and famished. So I ate some smoked salmon, a carrot and some almonds for a balanced snack... Then some more almonds, then some dates. Lots of dates. And more nuts. And some plums. You get the picture.
Then I ate this super-warming and yummy Shepherd's Pie based on a BBC Good Food recipe, but with swede and sweet potato topping it rather than potato and no Worcerstershire sauce. It was good but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't eaten a crap ton of other stuff before. Sigh. Thank goodness I froze some for next week, too!

Then I collapsed in a heap on the sofa, slept for two hours, went to bed and slept for another nine hours...
Hello world! I'm back! I woke up today feeling, well, NORMAL! No longer ill!!!! Apart from a slight sugar hangover, all was good. Time to get the new W30 regime in to gear! Two egg frittata with a mackerel fillet coming up.

Followed by a 4 mile walk which didn't make me want to sleep after. Win! And a trip to the butcher to load up on that protein.

This, my friends, is what W30 success looks like.
Then we got down to some house jobs - touching up paint, painting the skirting board in the kitchen, clearing out and sorting cupboards... Basically, getting sh*t done. It felt good.
My reward was this awesome 'sardine nicoise' salad. I decided a tin of sardines wasn't going to cut it on it's own, so boiled an egg to go with it and lots of yummy salad, plus some olives. I ate it at 2pm and still no hunger pangs at 6.30pm despite The Boy devouring a pork pie and two cheese straws in front of me earlier (cruel, right?!). Check out that lovely fruit bowl. A nice bit of colour (even it is evil).

My next treat was to trot off for a haircut - I'll get you a picture tomorrow - and then laze on the sofa reading the Saturday paper. And in an hour's time, were having sushi out at my favourite sushi place, Nara. A good day!
It feels so good to be back on form. Now time to get back to my 10000 steps a day, which I have managed since Thursday, and the normal regime next week.
Tomorrow? Shopping in Brighton! Yay!
What's your favourite sushi dish?
Mine's sashimi, particularly seabass. So delicate.

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