Saturday, 27 April 2013


Good afternoon all. I'm in a reflective mood today. On my morning walk, something inspired me to think ahead and get a bit more organised about my goals. I'm not sure what prompted this today...

Could we blame it on the sunshine?

Or maybe the blossom on the trees...
Or simply too much caffeine?

(Actually, it was a decaff - I was just craving the taste of it).
Who knows, but I've decided to write down some tangible goals for the next few years, rather than having a load of ideas jumbled in my head. A big goal this year is getting my house how I want it to be. It's a work in progress, but my home environment is so important to my wellbeing, I know I need to put some effort in here.
Health and fitness-wise, I just want to maintain the good balance I have now, and figure out how to eat and drink mainly Whole 30 with some fun stuff thrown in. Easier said than done. I jotted a few other goals down on my phone earlier while sipping my coffee at the bookshop, and plan on writing them up in my diary properly later. To me it still ain't real if it ain't done with pen and paper.
So, what else has been up? Wednesday's dinner was grilled pork chops with a rainbow of vegetables - steamed carrot, red cabbage and spring greens. Baked sweet potato slices were added after this picture was taken - I'd forgotten them in the oven! The horror!
I then went out for a cup of tea or two with a friend, which was lovely. I had mango, then cinnamon. It's a cafe called The Garage Lounge which opens until late - a nice place to spend an evening without needing to drink.
Hello Thursday frittata! What's that you got piled on top of ya? Salmon? Good times.

I met my friend BC for lunch. I am hearting Albacore tuna right now. It is sooooooo much better than the usual canned tuna. Love yourself. Pay the extra. Giant green olives were the perfect complement. Then we went for a nice stroll. I wanted a picture of the ducklings, but they left.

After work I had my second really hard military fitness session of the week. It wasn't any of our usual instructors, and I didn't really rate the substitute, but I got through it. He had us running up and down a very steep hill and doing push-ups etc inbetween. It was killer and I was sure my quads would kill for the next few days, but thankfully I think standing at work and lots of walking have prevented too much pain.
I've definitely kicked up a gear with my fitness this week - it's amazing what you can do when you try!
God did I need this dinner after, though. Quick and dirty microwaved frozen salmon and sweet potato and steamed spring greens and aparagus. Tasted like heaven. The Boy was out with work, busy drinking wine and not eating dinner. On a school night. You can all guess how that ended!

I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy on Friday, unlike some people (ahem) and very much enjoyed a slight break from tradition by adding some tasty king prawns to my frittata (from the dinner Andy was meant to eat!), plus some cheeky anchovies. Lovely!

A big project is getting to crunch time at work, so I worked from home to get stuck in early and avoid distractions. It worked and I felt far calmer, having been worried about getting it all done before I got to Greece next Thursday.
Here's some other things, apart from getting organised, that help me feel calm on a daily basis:

Flowers at the breakfast table.

This gorgeous coconut candle that smells of holidays (and was super cheap!).

Need I say more?

And, a Peace Lily that decided to bloom again after a couple of years.

Having my dinner defrosting also helps keep me feeling in control!
Another tin of that amazing tuna. This salad was the ish, with some asparagus in there for fun.
I went for a long lunchtime walk and worked through a bit late before prepping a Friday treat - roast chicken dinner. I could eat it every day! Roast sweet potatoes and parsnips and steamed red cabbage, carrot and broccoli, covered in chicken juices. I mean!

After dinner I went out to a friend's leaving drinks, but felt rather boring drinking tea and sparkling water while they bought jugs of (sickly) cocktails! It was a nice evening though, and I was glad to wake up with a clear head. It's been a busy Saturday!
First things first, frittata fuel stop. Added salmon.

Beach walk in the sun. I thought it would be peaceful getting out early, but there was some kind of race on. Bloody runners! Butchers, cleaning, sorting out the spare room...
Roast chicken and avocado salad for lunch. More anchovies. Amazing.

Trip to town to buy a bikini and cardigan. All my clothes shopping is officially done now! Trip to Lidl for cheap olive oil, balsamic vinegar, smoked fish and other bits... Home, blog... And who knows what the evening holds!
Do you have a life plan?
I've never had one, but I ain't getting any younger!

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