Monday, 22 April 2013

Motoring Monday

Evening, all. And how are we? I have to say after a lovely, sun-filled and relaxing weekend, Monday has left me frazzled and tetchy!

Spending four hours in the car after a 5.30am wake-up call didn't help... It's scary how quickly that weekend feeling can evaporate... Quick, let's try to get it back!

Remember that lamb stew bubbling away in the slow cooker on Saturday. Here it is ready for the feast. I am getting a wee bit obsessed with this slow-cooked lamb that literally falls apart and melts in your mouth... This time I put a shoulder of lamb in and surrounded it with carrot, red onion, a tin of chopped tomatoes and some chopped courgette. Slow cooked for 10 hours (!) and served with roasted sweet potato. Comfort on a plate. My friend BC came over to enjoy it with me, and another old friend dropped in to say hello, which was lovely.

After an evening catching up on all the gossip, I was famished again come Sunday morning, and tucked in to this veggie frittata with smoked mackerel in the morning sun.

Then it was time for a little walk.
Admiring the blossom. And the wall!

Saying hello to the horse.

Buying the Sunday paper, a candle that smells of coconut and a new vegetable peeler. Random!
Steps for the day done, I headed home. I enjoyed the tinned salmon so much on Saturday, I ordered a repeat, but without avocado this time

After a few hours of reading, relaxing and entertaining a colleague and her boyfriend and their new puppy, who came to socialise with the doggies, I got to prepping, what with the early start on Monday.
Breakfast frittata with ham - ready.

Mackerel salad for her and ham salad for him - ready.

Leftover roast sweet potatoes at the ready, too. I love cold roast sweet potato. Am I weird?

The reward? The Boy came over and we got Thai. I got their hottest dish, a Jungle Curry with beef. It was good but light on the beef, so I had to eat all those potatoes just to fill me up... I also roasted some green beans to go on the side. I'd seen it on Carrots and Cake and Run Eat Repeat and wanted to try. Yum! Just roast at 200 degrees c for 15 minutes in olive oil.

Then we settled down and watched Silver Linings Playbook. Eh, it was okay, but a bit try-hard for my liking. And very overrated. Also, not at all believable. But... it was watchable!
Today was just long and a bit stressy and non-stop. But, I did manage a nice seaside walk to hit my 10,000.
That's all folks!
Have you seen Silver Linings... What did you think? Seen any good films lately?

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