Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm back!

As in, I'm me! Feeling great - mainly because I got over that horrible bug, but I'm also wondering if life without sugar suits me... Who knows, all I know is it feels good!

Another reason to be cheerful is all the fabulous eats I've been having over the last few days. Seriously, spoiled rotten. So, without further ado...

Saturday's sushi dinner at Nara was a total winner. Feast your eyes on this sashimi platter:

And it was mine, all mine! Tuna, octopus, sea bass, scallops, salmon, squid and crab. Amazing and so so fresh. The tuna and squid were to die for. I was one happy camper.
Sunday started with a fortifying treat ready for the day's shopping ahead - veggie frittata with chipolata sausages. Mmm, mmm! I found out on the Whole 30 forum that Marks and Spencer's organic chipolatas have no crap in 'em. All meaty goodness. Try them.

Then... off we popped to Brighton. Here's me and my new haircut on the train.

The sun came out to play and I bought a dress with flamingos on it, among other things. Summer is coming! After filling a few shopping bags, we headed to Plateau for lunch. I'd been before with BC and really like it, so fancied a repeat.
They do amazing cocktails and have a great wine list, but we had coffee and water.
And, still on my raw fish kick, I decided we should get some oysters to start. Succulent and seasidey!

For the main? A beautifully cooked rare bavette steak for him and her. I switched frites for seasonal veg. The steak melted in your mouth. It was chargrilled and just so darned juicy.

The Boy was on a roll by now and got a rhubarb cheesecake, too. Yes, I wanted it, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize... May holidays! I had a very nice Darjeeling tea instead, while we made plans to come back in the summer and eat and get trashed there all day. Ahhhhh...

Well-fueled, we emerged back in to the sunshine, wrapped up the shopping for the day and headed to see my Mum. It's always too brief. I love spending time there.
Dinner was a simple but tasty affair after a long day - salmon fillet with steamed vegetables and a drizzle of lemon. I just realised there was no fat in there, but it kept me going 'til bedtime. I was still full from lunch.

I had some chipolatas left over to start Monday with a bang(er).

Then we settled in to our new office at work. I love it! Despite less personal space and lots of building work going on, I was really happy. This is not like me - being tolerant. Something has changed or someone's slipped me some Valium! I'm just rolling with it.

After a productive and cheery morning, I ate my filling tuna nicoise salad with green olives and had a walk to the shops to buy some Pyrex storage. We had vouchers for a special offer and that's just how we roll, kids.

I had a little toodle home from Lidl after my weekly smoked salmon stop there, and hit my 10000 steps no sweat. My Mum gave me a lamb joint she hadn't used yesterday, which I cooked overnight in the slow cooker.
After our chores I just heated up the stew, which had carrots and onion in it, added some steamed green beans and sweet potato and... oh my, the most tender, fall-apart lamb. Definitely doing THAT again. Ten hours in the slow cooker and it was heaven. We ate the lot.

So, day three of no fruit and feeling better have combined to make me very chirpy. Long may it continue! Back to Real Military Fitness tomorrow and friends over for dinner on Wednesday, so I'll try and drop in at the end of the week.


How was your Monday?

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