Thursday, 4 April 2013

Enough already!

Apologies for not dropping in so far this week. I've been ill. Yep, the bugs going around finally got me after a busy week last week and took me down yesterday lunchtime, when I had to log off of my laptop, lay on the sofa and admit defeat. Everything feels exhausting and I have a nice cough developing, which isn't helping my sore abs from fitness class on Tuesday. Woe, is indeed, me.
Before I tip you all over the edge with me, let's take a look at the 'before' scene, starting with Easter Sunday night dinner...

...which very handily became Easter Monday (and day one of the Whole 30) breakfast. These spicy tuna fishcakes are good any time of the day. I had them with salad for dinner and roasted veggies for breakfast. The recipe is from the Nom Nom Paleo recipe app, which is worth downloading if you like Paleo food and love beautiful pictures of recipes you can drool over (aka food porn).

Despite the steely grey skies and biting winds, The Boy and I were determined to make the most of our extra day off and took a long walk to a local Easter festival, where he treated me to a pack of locally made tea from All About Tea. Apparently it's designed especially for our hard water. I'm still using up some other tea, but can't wait to crack it open and give it a try.

In the meantime, a hot Americano was on the cards to go with lunch, which we treated ourselves to with our lottery winnings - £11!

We'd been to Capers for drinks before and wanted to go back and try the food. I had tomato, spring onion and basil omelette with tomato and mushrooms and ordered a bit of bacon on the side. It was a nice treat, but no match for Andy's omelettes!

We also had a look around the shops, then headed home. It was sooooo cold and miserable. We worked out that it has been winter for six months! We remembered it being cold and windy on my birthday at the beginning of October. Enough already!
Roast chicken dinner cheered me up a bit, followed by a juicy orange, then it was early to bed, part of my resolutions this month.

I told ya, those fishcakes just give and give! This time with roasted veg, two eggs fried in coconut oil and a side of bluberries for Tuesday's breakfast.

It was hard-going being back at work after the long weekend. Luckily I had lunch plans with BC to cheer me up. Leftover roast chicken salad with Kalamata olives, followed by an apple and a walk in the cold. It was, however, sunny. So sunny I needed shades!

It was during Tuesday afternoon I started feeling a bit under the weather, but I put it down to tiredness from the weekend and being back in the office. I decided to go to Real Military Fitness, so had a pre-workout snack of roast chicken and almonds.

Class felt really hard, and I was drained when I got home. I quickly made this soothing ginger broth with salmon and choi sum (they were out of pak choi, but it was very similar). There is salmon lurking under there!

I felt in need of a vitamin hit, so another orange and bed.

I didn't feel great when I got up on Wednesday, but as I'd planned to work from home anyway, I got up at my usual time and had a very tasty roast veggie frittata with anchovies and more vitamin C on the side in the shape of an orange. Serious craving.

I trudged on with work, but was feeling worse and worse. I broke for lunch in my 'home office' - leftover ginger salmon and salad. Those piggy banks sit behind my laptop while I write my blog. I've had them since I was little and managed not to break them.

Then, it was crunch time. First, I had an apple, then I decided to walk to a local shop to see if the fresh air helped.

Reader, it didn't. It floored me. I got home and collapsed and gave up on work. I spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing and did not move from the sofa for three hours straight.
I was glad meat was on the menu for dinner - I needed a bit of iron! Homemade burgers with parsley, onion and garlic served with homemade guacamole, shredded carrot and cabbage salad and roasted sweet potato and parsnip fries. I was STARVING and this was just the thing.

I made the guacamole by finely chopping half an onion, chopping some coriander, chopping a chilli (deseeded as Andy doesn't like it too hot), squeezing in the juice of half a lime and mushing it all together. The carrot and cabbage salad is a Greek recipe - shredded carrot and cabbage (I used red and sweetheart) with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

I know what you're thinking - how did I have the energy to make this? To be honest, I didn't, but The Boy isn't very confident in the kitchen, and I knew by the time I'd tried to explain all this to him I'd be exhausted and end up getting involved anyway. Note for the future - start teaching him more recipes!
Another early night followed, feeling no better...
And this morning I still felt wretched and ended up sleeping in until 10am. Unheard of for me. So, I was very hungry by the time I had this smoked salmon frittata and the last of the oranges.

Determined not to tire myself out, I've done pretty much nothing today. Luckily lunch was made the night before, too. Leftovers rule!

I've taken the opportunity to pluck another unread book from my shelf.

And sort out the photos on my laptop. And blog. And now I'm exhausted again!
I'm really struggling with drinking water, too. It just tastes icky when I'm sick, so I've taken to adding some lemon. I also had a hot lemon earlier, which was good.

On the upside, I entered a competition on Rachel Khoo's blog to win a nice notebook, so fingers crossed... You should check out her blog - total lifestyle envy. And I'm sticking to my Whole 30, despite feeling crappy and hanging around the house all day.

On the downside it's still cold and has been snowing lightly today, I've not been able to enjoy my walks and I can't help but think of all the work piling up at the office.

Things can only get better!

What's your tip for getting over a cold?


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