Monday, 8 April 2013

Big fat fail

The title just about sums up my planned Sunday shopping trip. Didn't happen, folks. Despite really, really wishing it weren't so, I had to admit to myself on Saturday evening that I probably wasn't up to going on a shopping marathon. Heck, I wasn't even sure I'd be up to leaving the house the way I was feeling.

Saturday's ill advised activities of going for a walk and generally trying to be normal tripped me up and I ended up flat on the sofa again. And that was in spite of this nutritional powerhouse of a dinner. Grilled rib eye steak served with spinach, mushrooms and garlic, sauteed in coconut oil, with sweet potato on the side. Was loving the spinach - made a nice change. Really filling, too.

I woke up early on Sunday. Still feeling like crap? Check. Still got a healthy appetite nonetheless? Check. Time for roasted veggie frittata with anchovies! And a side of freshly cut pineapple. A little bit of sunshine in my morning.

And a big old pot of tea while I watched Frasier. Some kind of normality, much enjoyed and appreciated.
I knew any kind of activity was a bad idea, but The Boy thought I should get some fresh air so took me for a ride in the car to a local cafe, Lou Lou's, for some lunch.
Options were limited. I went for a salad with chicken, boiled egg, olives and new potatoes. It was very tasty, but a small portion. It was nice to get out, but I was soon feeling worn out. Who am I?!

I knew lunch wouldn't tide me over to dinner, so we dropped in to Waitrose on the way back and I bought these tasty chorizo bites for later. They were really good and Whole 30 compliant. Will get these again. Served with a carrot and some almonds.

An an apple.

Then rest, rest, rest, blah, boring, zzzzzzzzzz.
Curried fish soup for dinner. TV. Bed.
Monday morning... no change. Breakfast was stuck on repeat, too, but I ain't gonna pretend I was hating on it.

After easing myself in to the morning, I decided to work from home and it went okay.
I broke for a salmon and avocado salad for lunch and took a very short walk around the block for some fresh air. It was cold out!

Finished work around four and spent a couple of hours snoozing to recover. This getting better thing is going to be a slow process it seems. Please bear with. Another fail? The system won't upload a picture of my chicken soup dinner! It was nice.
Hopefully things will get back to normal soon around here. I'm determined to make it in to the office tomorrow. I miss normal stuff! People, walks, exercise, fresh air... All in good time, I suppose.
Happy Monday!
How was your day?

PS Fitbit update... he survived! Not that I've been working him that hard!

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