Monday, 29 April 2013

All in a day's work

Good evening, all. I hope your Monday has treated you well. I'm feeling all refreshed and revitalised after a relaxing and productive weekend. I kept it low key, got some stuff done around the house that had been niggling me and made a life plan... I feel calm and in control, even after a day in London today!

Talking of being productive, I made up a new recipe on Saturday which I just have to share - it even has The Boy's seal of approval!

I fancied homemade burgers, but a twist on the usual parsley, garlic, onion mix, so I made...

Thai-inspired Homemade Beef Burgers

I used:

1 lb of steak mince, which made us two burgers each. I put the mince in a bowl, after bringing it to room temperature for an hour.

I added a tablespoon of chopped coriander,
a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger,
a birdseye chilli, deseeded and chopped,
a squeeze of lime juice
a crushed clove of garlic and
four finely chopped spring onions.

I mixed it all together well with my hands then split in to four and made patties. Spritzed each side with a bit of olive oil and stuck under a hot grill for a few minutes each side until cooked through.

These were so good - not too overpowering, just a fragrant hint of tastes mingling. Try them! Served with a random selection of steamed spring greens and red cabbage and roasted sweet potato and parsnip slices. Someone ordered two bags of parsnips instead of two parsnips. Oops! Oh well, they are tasty...

We just chilled for the rest of Saturday evening as we both wanted to get started early on Sunday morning. After devouring my roast chicken frittata, I got down to cleaning, ironing and doing a bit of work while Andy ran 15 miles. No biggie.

We were on a tight schedule because we were meeting my Mum and friends at The Tenth Hole at 1pm for lunch. A fitting reward, methinks. I went fot the lardon salad. It was immense. Crispy bacon and new potatoes with soft boiled egg. Like a breakfast salad! I must point out that white potatoes aren't strictly Whole 30. Nutritionally they're fine but are banned because of their association in our heads with chips, mashed potato etc. Well, I never eat chips anyway, and there wasn't much Whole 30-friendly food on the menu, so I went for it. And loved it.

After a lovely lunch and catch up, The Boy and I went to get ice cream. Well, he had one, I needed a picture of one for a work project. We were both happy.

Then, having got everything done bright and early, we relaxed the afternoon away. Bliss.
Come early evening I had my usual Sunday set-up cooking marathon - dinner, breakfast, lunches and roast veggies for the week's frittatas. Dinner was light and easy - my usual salmon broth.

An early night was in order ready for a 5.30am start today. All packed and ready to go with my frittata and flask of tea by 6.30am.

Breakfast time! Nom nom nom salmon frittatatatata!
Before I could tuck in to lunch I had the small matter of interviewing two of our country CEOs for our internal newspaper to attend to... No biggie.
I was nervous, but it went pretty well! Phew!
Salmon salad was a welcome celebratory treat after that.
As was a wander over to Tower Bridge in the (on/off) sunshine.

That's The Shard below, to the right.

Wire mesh animal sculptures... pretty impressive.

There's something about being in Town that just makes me want to consume. So I treated myself to a black vanilla chai tea from Pret A Manger. Why not. It was good, too. Gratuitous shot of The Gherkin in the background.

And so my day in the capital ended, I scooted home, caught up on social media and the papers on the train and set to making dinner when I got in.
'Fish and chip' supper. Pan-fried haddock rubbed with almond flour and olive oil, served with roasted sweet potato and parsnips and steamed green beans, purple sprouting brocolli and samphire.
Now it's time to relax and watch a film.
Happy Monday.
What did you treat yourself to today?

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